Finding All 6 Gobstones for Zenobia Noke in Hogwarts Legacy

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Zenobia Noke, a student at Hogwarts School, is often shunned by her peers, despite her kind nature. To make new friends, she brought her Gobstones collection to the common room and hoped to find someone to play with her. Gobstones is a grand game involving small balls, similar to marbles. If you lose, you get sprayed with a foul-smelling liquid.

However, many students refused to play with Zenobia because they did not want to get sprayed with the smelly liquid when losing. Despite this, a few students, including Imelda, Everett, and Astoria, played with her but lost. In retaliation, they took Zenobia’s Gobstones and hid them in various high places around Hogwarts School.

The Side Mission (Gobs of Gobstones)

As the new 5th year student and want to help some student in need. Your tasked is to find the 6 missing Gobs of Gobstone. Fortunately, the game includes an indicator to help you locate them. However, the last two Gobstones can be challenging to find, and many players often miss them.

This guide will assist you in locating and collecting all 6 Gobs of Gobstone for Zenobia.

Transfiguration Courtyard
1 out of 6

Just look on the right corner when going outside, you’ll find the first one on the top of the corridor.
Viaduct Entrance in the Library Annex
2 out of 6

After entering the next building of the objective, walk up some stairs and just above of the insignia banner. You’ll find it sitting on top of the wooden beams.
Viaduct Entrance, Circle Stairs
3 out of 6

Then the next one is following the guide indicator and take the circle stairs on the right and you’ll find it sitting on the Chandelier.
Ravenclaw Tower Corridor
4 out of 6

Now, the next one is on Ravenclaw tower corridor. You can find it on one of the pillars.
Trophy Room Corridor
5 out of 6

This one is probably the confusing. After taking the disappearing stairs. You have to enter the room on the very top.

Once you entered it, you’ll be heading to the Trophy Room. At the corridor, just right after the Troll armor, you’ll find the Gobstones.
Trophy Room
6 out of 6

Lastly, you’ll find the remaining Gobstone inside the Trophy Room’s pillar.


With the help of this guide, you will be able to find all 6 Gobstones and return them to Zenobia. Here are the rewards that you can expect when completing this side-mission:

  •  Orbicular (Violet) Wand Handle

So, that’s it for now for Hogwarts Legacy guide.

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