“You must enter in the village”, How to Enter Dungeon on Avatara

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Are you stuck in the newest Avatar MMORPG game, making you stuck and unable to proceed into the next quest due to a blocking message that says, “You must enter in the village”? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. We also had difficulty figuring out how to enter the village and unlock the dungeon.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the steps needed to fix this problem and get back to playing the next quest from your list.

How to Get Back to the Village

The basic solution is to get back to the village. Usually, you go back to the village when you died from monsters, but it is not that easy to get back to it as it is difficult to find the right button and menu.

First, you must open up your map. Just click the map on the upper right corner.

Our first village in the game is Vida, to go back to that village you have to teleport yourself to a map called Guld, find the nearest teleport portal to the entrance of Vida.

When you arrived on Guld, walk towards the Vida entrance and enter the gate portal.

Once you are inside the village, you can now proceed on the Dungeon mission and you should be able to enter it.

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