How to Unlock 2nd Job on Avatara

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Just like other MMORPGs, Avatara also has its own 2nd Job classes. However, since the game is fully automated, there are no quests or extra steps you need to take to unlock the 2nd job. Instead, all you need to do is level up your character to Level 50, and voila! You’ll have access to the new passive skills and other perks that come with your 2nd job class.

Well, reaching Level 50 is not that easy. In our case, we reached this level for 3 days playing of game. If you are so dedicated and straightly play all of the quest, you’ll able to reach this level on day 2 or less.

So, what are the things you can unlock when reaching 2nd Job class?

First, your class name will be changed. For example, from Archer you will become Hunter or Scout. See the list below of all 2nd job classes.

Base Job2nd Job

Next is, you will unlock more passive skills. 7 additional skills you can unlock up to Level 80. Most skills on 2nd job are for base and advanced stats like for increase crit hit rate and more.

How to Unlock 2nd Job

After reaching level 50, you need to activate your new class by going to Menu > Skill.

Then open the Passive Skill tab, you’ll notice a tree class structure on the left corner. You have to select the 2nd class you want to activate.

So that’s it! The last thing you need to do is to activate some of the new skills.

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