How to Trade with Other Players in Avatara

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Trading with other players in the MMORPG Avatara can be a little bit confusing, but it is definitely possible. Unlike other games, the trade function in Avatara is not located on the player’s icon, whisper message, or at the friend list. Instead, it can be found on the Trade Market.

When someone wants to trade with you or you find someone looking for an equipment that meets their requirement but not sure how to initiate the trade, this guide will walk you through the process.

At least 10 Rubies to Trade

Before you can start trading, it’s important that there is no free trading in Avatara. The other party (Buyer) will need to shoulder the fee of an in-game currency, Ruby.

It requires at least 10 Ruby to trade, and it will be deducted with 5% in-game tax.

How to Trade Privately with Other Players

To access the Trade Market, simply click the “Menu” (Hamburger Icon) button located on the upper right corner of the screen, then find the Trade Market. You will then see a tab Private Transaction. This is where you can initiate the private trades with other players.

To start, select the item you want to trade. Then, enter the in-game name (IGN) of the player in Trading Target field. You will then ask to specify the amount of Ruby you expect to receive in exchange for the item.

Once done, you just have to wait for the other player to accept or decline the trade offer. If they accept, the trade will be completed, and the items will be exchanged along with the ruby. If the offer is not accepted within 24 hours, it will be automatically cancelled.

A word of advice, it is important to be careful on trading privately, make sure to double check the item and amount before accepting any offer.

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