How to Start Trading in Avatara’s Trade Market

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As you begin your journey in the MMORPG world of Avatara, you’ll quickly discover the thrill of looting powerful equipment from defeated monsters. However, as you progress and level up in the game, you may be surprised to find that the Trade Market is not immediately accessible to everyone.

In order to fully participate in the dynamic and exciting trading system within Avatara, players must first reach level 30 to unlock this feature.

What is saleable in the Market?

While reaching level 30 may seem like a challenging task, it’s important to remember that the equipment you’ve collected during the early stages of the game may not be highly sought after on the market. In order to acquire items that are truly valuable and in-demand among other players, you’ll need to push even further and reach level 65.

This higher level will provide loot item that has higher Option Score, allowing you to level up and synthesis it to get much better stats that are highly desirable in the market. It’s also worth noting that reaching level 65 will also open up new and more challenging content within the game, providing you with even more opportunities to grow your character and acquire valuable items. So, while the journey to level 30 may be the first step, it’s important to remember that the real rewards in the Trade Market are yet to come.

How much you can sale on Market?

The in-game currency you can get through the Trade Market is a form of Ruby. So far, there are no exact prices for the equipment in the Trade Market. Most item are sold for at least 10 Ruby.

That’s it for now guys! The game is still in early stage and we will keep updating this post regarding the Trade Market.

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