How to Play as Taxi Driver on GTA Online (Downtown Cab Co.)

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The latest addition to Grand Theft Auto Online is the ability to become a taxi driver and earn money in-game. This feature was first introduced on the campaign story of the game and now, you can now enjoy this mini game anytime you want through online.

First, you need to find the Taxi company called Downtown Cab Co. if you’ve played the single player, you probably know where to find it. On the map, it is on the upper right corner of the city.

Get to the location and activate your “Taxi Work”, you just have to go inside the circle at the entrance.

Once you complete a few cut-scenes, the game officially hires you as a taxi driver for Downtown Cab Co. and allows you to pick up passengers on the map and drive them to their destination.

Once you have found a passenger, just go near them and call their attention to get into your Taxi.

When your passenger is in the cab, you can now ride them to their destination. Remember to drive carefully, as the fare you receive will be calculated based on your driving performance.

When you reach the destination, your passenger will pay you for the fare plus the additional tip for the smooth ride. If you drift the car like crazy, don’t expect to get much of a tip.

You are then ready for the next passenger.

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