How to Obtain TARA in Avatara

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Avatar, one of the newest MMORPG that features a rich and diverse virtual world filled with exciting challenges, quests, and treasures. One of the most coveted items in the game is TARA, which is a limited and rare resource that can only be obtained from selected maps. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps on how to obtain TARA in Avatar.

Reach the Required Level of 45

To obtain TARA, you must reach at least level 45 in the game. This ensures that you have enough experience and skills to handle the challenges you will face in the maps where TARA is found.

Go to the Map with PVP Icon

The first map where you can obtain TARA is the AGRO map. This map is filled with monsters and other players who are also after the same prize. It is important to be careful and stay alert while exploring this map to avoid getting eliminated by other players.

When being eliminated, you will get a penalty. Some of your equipment will be temporarily break and you cannot use it for 20 minutes.

Know the Limit

There is a limit on the amount of TARA you can obtain per day, which depends on the rarity of your equipment. For starters, you can get up to 1,000 TARA per day, and this limit refreshes the next day.

Each PVP map also has TARA limit, so make sure to grind early in the morning so there are still enough of TARA for everyone.

Exchange TARA for TARA Token

The minimum amount of TARA you can exchange for the TARA Token is 10,500 TARA, which is equivalent to 11 days of grinding. The TARA Token is a valuable currency in Avatar that can be used to purchase rare items and equipment.

In conclusion, obtaining TARA in Avatar is not an easy task, but with the right level, equipment, and strategy, it can be done. The TARA Token is a valuable reward that is well worth the effort, so get ready to explore the AGRO map and start your TARA-hunting adventure.

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