How to Change Skills in Avatara

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While the MMORPG Avatara is designed to played automatically with just a tap or a click of a mouse, many players may find themselves struggling to remember the basics of the game showed in the early tutorials. Just like in this guide, for example, will teach you how to swap out your default skills for newer ones on the skill slot.

Swapping out Skills

To swap out skill with the newer one, on the bottom right corner of the screen – look for the 4 skill slot and hold & drag the skill icon upwards.

The quick slot button menu will appear, from here – click the Dismount button to remove the current skill.

Now, hold and drag upwards the skill slot again and you can then select the skill from the list to replace it.

You should be able to equip your new skill now and ready for newer adventure.

That’s it for this quick guide for Avatara.

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