Flute Girl, Jiho: The newest Soul in the Mobile RPG, Eversoul

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Two weeks after its launch, Eversoul, the collectible mobile RPG already has a newest update for everyone, featuring a new soul in the game, Jiho, Manpashikjeok.

Savior, the name of the players in the game, once met the Flute girl jiho on the Love Story with Soul Soonie. Today, Saviors can now play the new soul to raise and develop bonds with it. The game also chooses Jiho as the soul to celebrate the Lunar New Year!

Along with the new soul, there are many updates included in the game including bug fixes and some adjustment to the game. This includes a bug in the level sync slots are now reduced from 24 hours down to 4 hours. Starting or restarting the battle is now easy, as Savior will now go to team settings screen instead from the lobby. There are other improvements included in the update and you check other details from their FB page.

Those who have not yet downloaded Eversoul can now download it for free on Android (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kakaogames.eversoul&hl=en&gl=US) and iOS. You can also check the newest OST below.

Lunar New Year Event

Eversoul will be celebrating the Lunar New Year and Saviors will be able to join in-game events starting January 17 which is the Reunion dinner with Miriam. All they need to do is to leave a New Year’s wish comment on the event post and when a certain mileston is reached, everyone will be rewarded.

  • 50 Wishes – 200 Everstones from Miriam
  • 75 Wishes – 400 Everstones from Miriam
  • 100 Wishes – 600 Everstones from Miriam
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