The Battle to Pause: Why some Gamers find it hard to Pause their Game

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It’s not uncommon to find yourself in a frustrating situation where you ask someone (or even you in the same situation) to pause their game because you need their attention for something else, only to be met with resistance or a lack of response. For example, you might ask your son or daughter to pause their game and come help with a household task, but they might not hear you or they might refuse to stop playing.

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In this article, we’ll explore the reasons why some gamers find it difficult to pause their game, and we’ll offer some tips for how to handle the situation if it becomes a problem.

The Reason why it’s difficult to Pause

If you have ever played a snake game on a mobile phone, you might have experienced the frustration of trying to pause the game in the middle of a round. This is because if you pause the game, you might lose your progress and have to start over. This simple example illustrates one of the main reasons why some gamers may find it difficult to pause their game: they become deeply engrossed in the gameplay, a state known as “flow” or “the zone.” When a person is in flow, they may become completely focused on the game and lose track of time. They may also become less sensitive to outside distractions and be less responsive to requests to pause the game.

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Another reason why some gamers may find it hard to pause their game is that they are trying to reach a specific goal or accomplish a difficult challenge. For example, a gamer might be trying to complete a level or defeat a boss, and they might be unwilling to stop playing until they have succeeded.

This can be especially true for competitive games like Dota 2, which is played with other human players online. Asking a gamer to “pause” the game is like asking a basketball match to “pause” it, as they have teammates who rely on their skill. Though it is possible to pause the match, the player must convince everyone to take a break. Some players may agree to pause the game, but others may not. The player has the option to leave the match or become idle, but they will face a penalty or being reported, making them low priority in the matchmaking. There are also games that do not have a pause functionality at all.

Dealing with the Challenges of Pausing

If you are having difficulty pausing your own game, there are a few things you can do to address the issue. First, try to be aware of how long you have been playing and planned everything before you start playing a game. Make sure to finish all your household responsibility first before playing a game.

For parents, try to be understanding and patient. Remember that gaming can be a highly enjoyable and rewarding hobby, and it’s important to allow people to enjoy it in their own way. If the gamer is playing for long periods of time, you can try to encourage them to take breaks or watch them play and asked questions and understand the reason why they cannot pause especially in the middle of a competitive games.

You can try to set boundaries around gaming and establish clear rules and expectations. For example, you might agree on a maximum amount of time that the gamer can play per day or try asking them to finish their assigned household tasks first before playing. This can help to prevent conflicts and ensure that the gamer is taking care of other responsibilities as well.

Finding Balance

In conclusion, some gamers may find it difficult to pause their game because they become deeply engrossed in the gameplay, a state known as “flow” or “the zone.” While this can be frustrating for those around them, it is also a sign of the engaging and rewarding nature of gaming. Being in flow can have many benefits, such as improved concentration, creativity, and problem-solving skills. However, it’s important to find a balance and to make sure that other responsibilities are being taken care of as well. By taking a supportive and proactive approach, you can help the gamer in your life to enjoy their hobby in a healthy and balanced way.

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