Warzone 2.0 Bug requires Players to Purchase Modern Warfare II to Play the Game

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After Warzone 2.0 drops an update today, suddenly for players who didn’t purchase the Call of Duty Modern Warfare II they are required to buy the game saying, “Not Available, Purchase Modern Warfare II to have access to everything.” Obviously, this is an error and just a bug. But with this kind of message on the wall, it’s like forcing players to buy it. That’s not so good, right?

Right now, the discussion tab on Warzone 2.0 is filled with topic where players are discussing this bug and some sarcastically suggested ways to fix it are to uninstall the game.

Update as of 8:51 AM (PHT Time)

The game is now back and working to everyone, just restart the game and you are good to go.

As of writing, the developer is already aware of the problem and should be fixed later today. For the meantime, you can download these free games on Epic games and Ubisoft:

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