Thanksgiving Exchange Center Event in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX Guide)

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We are in mid-November and Ragnarok X Next Generation has prepared a new event for adventurers, it’s the Thanksgiving event just like the previous year. With every trade made in the Exchange Center, they will receive a reward equivalent to what they spent on that trade.

Your adventure will begin by spending crystals or earning crystals by trading your loot items. You’ll get a cashback of up to 16% of what you spend. Plues, for every milestone you hit, you’ll get a free avatar frame exclusive for the event and when reaching the 2 million milestone, you’ll get the costume tail.

Lower Exchange Center Tax Rate

The tax-rate during this event will also be lowered as well—down to 3%, from an all-time high of 10%. Here is the new tax-rate card during the event:

Amount TransactionTax RateTax Rate
(with Kafra VIP)
0 to 500,000 Crystals3%
(Before: 10%)
(Before: 10%)
500,001 to 1,000,000 Crystals10%
(Before: 20%)
(Before: 10%)
1,000,001 to 1,500,000 Crystals20%
(Before: 25%)
(Before: 20%)
1,500,001 and up20%
(Before: 25%)
(Before: 25%)

Note: Diamonds exchanges are not included from these new tax rates.

Exchange Center up to 16% Rebate

Those who are planning to purchase item on the Exchange Center will also get up to 16% rebate. If you’re an adventurer with Kafra VIP, you can get up to 16% rebate while those without it can only get up to 8% rebate.

The rebate is also limited to purchases under 5 million crystals, exceeding these amounts is no longer valid for a rebate. If you want to maximize this event, you can get up to 800,000 Crystals as a rebate for 5m purchase—so it’s an ideal time to get your favorite items.

2 million Transaction Milestone Rewards

Aside from the lower taxes and rebate, adventurer will also get a reward when they reached certain amount of transaction in the Exchange Center. Getting the maximum milestone of 2 million allows adventurer to obtain the Dazzling Diamond Tail.

200,000 CrystalsDazzling Neon Side Bar
600,000 CrystalsDazzling Neon Chat Frame
1,000,000 CrystalsDazzling Neon Avatar Frame
2,000,000 CrystalsDazzling Diamond Tail

The transaction applies for buying and selling. If you feel you cannot reach these milestones, the best way to do to achieve is using the buy and sell method. Basically, you have to purchase mats (Fishing, Gardening, or drop materials) in the exchange center and use those mats to craft items (Cooking, Smelting or Shadow Equip Smelting) then sell the crafted item to exchange center. This way, you just need to earn 1 million crystals and spend 1 million crystals.

200,000 Transaction for 7 Days

The last rewards you can get one of the bound event title Peri Peri Prodigy or the Turkey Terminator. These titles have additional stats that you can use to give permanent buff to your character. Those who missed these titles on the last year thanksgiving event is the time to grab it again.

  • Peri Peri Prodigy Title – STR +3, AGI +3, VIT +3, INT +3, DEX +3, Luck +3
  • Turkey Terminator – P.DMG Bonus +50, M.DMG Bonus +50

You need to consistent made 200,000 transactions in Exchange Center straight for 7 days, it applies for buy and sell.

The Thanksgiving Event in Ragnarok X Next Generation will run from November 21 up to November 27, 2022.

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