T-Force Siren GD240E All-in-One ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler (White Edition) Review

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When you’re building a PC, it’s all about the details. You don’t want to just build something that looks good—you want to build something that makes people say “wow.” With that in mind, nothing can beat a white-themed rig; although maintaining such a color scheme requires constant upkeep, it will give your desk a refreshed and stunning look. Although it’s not necessary for all of your computer’s components to be white, one component that is a must is the CPU cooler. This piece gives the overall impression of your rig.

There are many white CPU coolers in the market and one of the newest is from Team Group, the T-FORCE GD240E ARGB Siren All-in-One (AIO) Liquid CPU Cooler White Edition. This all-white CPU cooler has RGB lighting on both fans and in the CPU chamber. It’s one of the unique features is they moved the pump inside the radiator to prevent damage from the vibration being transferred to the CPU, and has an ultra-powerful pump that operates at 4,000 RPM. It also features a low evaporation rate tube to avoid cooling liquid loss.

The T-Force Siren GD240E All-in-One ARGB CPU Liquid Cooler is less expensive than other high-end brands, coming in at PHP 4,611 in the Philippines.


The packaging for the T-Force Siren GD240E All-in-One (AIO) Liquid CPU Cooler White Edition uses the company’s iconic black and red color scheme.  Unfortunately, it has no dedicated white box for this version, instead they use the original one from the default black edition. You will only be able to tell that it is white by looking at the label on the back that is marked “White Edition”. While this doesn’t affect the performance of the product, it’s certainly a flaw from a customer’s perspective. Customers will hardly recognize this product as a white edition when displayed on the shelves.

At the back, it shows the compatibility of the cooler and some of the features. You’ll also find here the color label of the cooler.

There is nothing special on the side, but it shows the blueprint drawing of the cooler and the expected dimension of it. The sizes for the Radiator is 276mm by 120mm and the fans are 120mm.

Inside the package contains everything you need to install this CPU cooler: Screws for mounting on your motherboard, mount bracket, an instruction manual for setting up your new parts, and even some thermal paste so that you don’t have to buy any more than necessary for most people who are installing this product.

The CPU Cooler

The T-Force Siren GD240E All-in-One (AIO) Liquid CPU Cooler has two white fans for the radiator, and they have RGB lighting each blade, while the T-Force stickers add a little bit of flair to the design. Just like other fans, the fan speed can be controlled via CPU fan speed or built-in software of your motherboard.

For the heatsink that attaches to our CPU, it’s made from high-quality copper, it conducts heat from the CPU effectively. The water block also has a high-density jet fin for better cooling efficiency. Just don’t forget to peel off the plastic attached to it before installing.

The radiator coated in white is made of aluminum, T-Force has also modified the pump to keep it inside the radiator reducing the vibration from the CPU. The pumps run at 4,000 rpm but are designed to be quiet yet effective at moving cool water through the fins of the radiator.

On the other side, it shows the wires for our pump with screws visible in case you need to make repairs in the future.

The CPU water block has the RGB, it is not your typical LED display like the other cooler. But it shows different types of RGB effects when turned on. Same as the fans, these can be controlled using the RGB controller of the motherboard. Its RGB connection is through 5V, aRGB – so if you have an older motherboard, make sure you have these pins around – it will not work on 12V RGB.

The T-Force logo is displayed on only one side of the radiator, the bad thing about it is – it will be hidden if you put the radiator vertically. If you attempt to show the logo and in vertical position, there will be no enough clearance for your video cards.

The aRGB connection can be found on the top of the CPU water block. The good thing, there is no longer need for additional wires for connecting the pump as it is now moved to the radiator, which saves time and simplifies installation.

Setting up and Compatibility

The T-Force Siren GD240E All-in-One (AIO) Liquid CPU Cooler is compatible with both Intel, AMD CPUs, even adjustable for the older Intel generations. It has standalone mounting bracket for Intel, but there is no for AMD and it requires the stock AMD bracket that comes from the motherboard (If you happen to throw those stock AMD brackets, you need a replacement for you to mount the cooler).

There are two backplate, and the first one is a metal has 2 kinds of configurations: one for intel and one for AMD. The second one is made in plastic that is for Intel LGA 1700.

It comes with FREE thermal paste, and it is not pre-installed to the cooler’s heatsink.

The setup takes us about 20 minutes in total, setting up are pretty straightforward and there are minimal wirings that you connect for fans, aRGB and the pump.

The downside is that the ‘unit’ doesn’t include the cooler mount. If you are used to misplace the mount surely you will not be able to set it up right away especially when you change the cpu cooler. This happens when you throw the original mount without thinking its value. Hahaha. So, make sure you keep those peripherals on hand to keep everything intact. Especial thanks to Blinque Gensan for the AMD mount bracket.

Lighting On

Now that we’ve seen what the cooler looks like, it’s time to put it to work! We’ll be testing the performance of this new CPU cooler, as well as its aesthetic.

When you turn it on, the colors of the LEDs will cycle through different effect (this can be configured through the aRGB software tool comes from the motherboard – it supports ASROCK Polychrome Sync, BioStar RGB Sync, ASUS Aura Sync, GIGABYTE RGB Fusion 2.0, MSI Mystic Light Sync and other ARGB software). The white color of the cooler, radiator and the tubes contrasts well with this RGB effect and the dark motherboard, making for an eye-catching appearance in any white rig setup. Even with these minimal RGB setup, the whole rig was lit up.

The fan on this thing is also really quiet—it’ll barely be audible over your case fans or other components even when you’re gaming or doing some serious work on your PC. I never had any issues with hearing distortion from it at all.

In our testing, the T-Force CPU Cooler kept the AMD CPU temperature below 55 degrees Celsius even after a few hours of gaming and in many cases. As for the Intel CPU, the temperature is below 41 degrees Celsius with the same workloads. As for most intensive workload, the CPU reaches at a maximum temperature of 65 degrees for AMD and 50 degrees for Intel. This is an impressive feat for any cooling system and shows that this product can keep your CPU running cool even under heavy loads.


The T-Force Siren GD240E All-in-One (AIO) Liquid CPU Cooler will make an excellent addition to any gaming computer setup due to its stunning aesthetic design that’s sure to impress even the most ardent enthusiast! It is one of the best liquid CPU coolers on the market today that’s going to keep your processor running smoothly no matter how hot things get while playing your favorite games or doing other intensive tasks.

The best thing about this system is how easy it is to install, all things included except for the lack of standalone AMD mounting bracket, make sure you have the original AMD mounting bracket before buying this one.

If you are looking for a new and affordable CPU cooler or if you need an upgrade from your current one, then T-Force CPU Cooler may be just what you’re looking for!

Pros and Cons

– Straightforward and easy to setup
– Aesthetic clean and simple for White Rig
– No need for extra cable wire on CPU water block.
– Pump is moved on the Radiator, less vibration to the CPU
– Silent
– Keeps CPU temp below 58 for AMD and 41 for intel.
– Everything is included mounting bracket for Intel and older gen, AMD (but requires AMD mount bracket) and thermal paste
– No standalone mount bracket for AMD (Requires the stocked AMD mount bracket)
– Requires latest motherboard that support aRGB (5v)

It's White and It's a CPU Cooler!

Look and Feel - 100%
Performance - 95%
Price - 90%
Compatibility - 90%

Overall Score


The T-Force Siren All-in-One (AIO) Liquid CPU Cooler will make an excellent addition to any gaming computer setup due to its stunning aesthetic design that's sure to impress even the most ardent enthusiast! It is one of the best liquid CPU coolers on the market today that's going to keep your processor running smoothly no matter how hot things get while playing your favorite games or doing other intensive tasks.

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