Overmortal has launched the Sky Lantern Festival Event and Spiritual World Update

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Overmortal, the Eastern Fantasy Wuxia Idle Role-Playing game, has a new event: the Sky Lantern Festival! Players can take part in lantern making and unlock exclusive festival skins during the event. Last week, Overmortal also launched the Spiritual World update, an all-new area of the game that is perfect for celebrating the holiday season.

Both of the new updates are now available for all players to enjoy. The Sky Lantern Festival event will end until November 13, 2022. The new content is available through the in-game event and there’s a ton of it! Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity!

Join in many activities at the Sky Lantern Festival

One of the best ways to get the most out of the Sky Lantern Festival is to participate in the event’s many activities. From November 7 to November 13, 2022, players can participate in the following activities:

Make a Lantern

During this event, players will have the opportunity to craft their own lanterns. Each day, a new lantern will be unlocked, and players can collect different materials needed to make them. In exchange, players will win Curious, event items and more rewards. 

New Skin: Red Romance

A new skin set featuring Red Romance’s outfit will be made available for purchase in the Special Shop. Purchase the corresponding packs to obtain.

Benefits and Gifts

To celebrate the Lantern Festival, players can log in daily and receive festival gifts for seven days through Wish Upon Lanterns for a head start on their adventures. The amount of Realm Spiritium players receive is also doubled, making it twice as easy to earn these valuable items. And for the Monthly Pass Bonus event, players can purchase or renew their Monthly Pass to earn extra rewards. Players who purchase a renewal of their pass within one week before the event can claim the bonus rewards as well.

Exchange Vault

One of the most popular activities is the exchange vault, where players can trade in their Sky Lantern Tokens for valuable items. There are also extra rewards to be earned by unlocking each floor of the vault.

The new Spiritual World update is here!

The Spiritual World is the latest expansion to Overmortal. With this update, players will be able to explore the spiritual world and discover its mysteries. The Spiritual World expansion introduces a new stage like Voidbreak (C) / Voidbreak (M), new realms, gear and relics, new spiritual world abilities and techniques, new spiritual world curious and new story quests.

Players can also unlock new Immortal Friends such as White Astra, Jiang Ziya, and Yang Jian for extra BR bonuses. Laws will be unlocked, allowing players to learn Elemental Laws to boost the base stats of their characters.

In addition, a new Spiritual World Volume is available for players to unlock. To enter this new volume, players must reach Voidbreak (M) or Voidbreak (C). The volume includes 14-day events like the Immortal Friend Rendezvous, Planetary Alignment, and Assistant. Completing the Immortal Friend Rendezvous will allow players to obtain an exclusive avatar, while completing all of the three events will allow players to obtain Curio set Way Seeking.

If you’re looking for something to do during the Sky Lantern Festival, be sure to check out the new update for Overmortal. You’re sure to have a blast! You can find more information about the Sky Lantern Festival and Spiritual World on the Overmortal’s Facebook page and official website.

Google Play: https://iw.onelink.me/gvqZ/itnt1jz2
App Store: https://iw.onelink.me/gvqZ/itnt1jz2
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/OvermortalMobile
Official Website: https://game.ltgamesglobal.com/overmortal?lang=en

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