NOiZUcon 2022 was a blast! Almost 4,000 People came, and Tons of fun Gaming Activities were Held

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“We are Back. Bigger, Better, & We Play Harder”, every gamer came together at NOiZUcon 2022, a weekend full of gaming activities, and surprises. The annual event formerly known as ServerDNA and dubbed as the Largest Gathering of Gamers in Malaysia had another blast this year, with almost 4,000 people attending over the two-day event that was held in Le Meridien, Putrajaya Malaysia from October 14 and 15, 2022.

For the past two years, ServerDNA has gone virtual and hybrid due to the pandemic. With the recent lifting of restrictions in most countries, they’ve finally gone back to a full physical event together with their brand-new name NOiZUcon 2022. Luckily, GamingPH was invited, and we are so excited to share what we experience at the event in this article.

The event had something for everyone. It was filled with booths dedicated to gaming, cosplay, virtual streamer (VTuber), gadget showcases, tech talks and performance. There were even live tournaments for titan game Gigabash and virtual car racing game as well.

The event kicked off with a thrilling QR Code scavenger hunt. Using the NOiZU web portal, participants can scan all of the QR code stickers found throughout the venue and in the event stage. The accumulated points could be redeemed for prizes and raffles.

Within just hours of the hunt, many participants had already racked up over 100 points and left with prizes.

Streamers, Cosplayers and VTuber

The convention hall was packed with prominent streamers, including Le Josette, Shykuruboo, Chel.C and many more. Attendees were able to get up close and personal with their favorite streamers at their dedicated booths, many of whom were on hand to meet and greet everyone.

There were also plenty of cosplayers dressed as their favorite video game characters. Fans and attendees could snap photos with them, greet them, and even get some advice on how to make their own cosplay outfits. We have spotted Etsuko Mori as Lady D, League of Legends cosplay characters and many more.

At the event stage, there is also a Ready Cosplay 4 Skit Competition where Cosplayers show their talents and creativity through acting out their character. One cosplayer’s fire breathing demonstration from the anime Demon Slayer really wowed everyone.

There is also Angel and Friends: Mansion of monsters, a maid cafe where you can order a platter of Halloween-themed snacks and drinks, where you can participate in a trick or treat with cosplaying maids and butlers.

At the Comfy X Medibeats booth, visitors met VTubers or “virtual YouTuber” from across Southeast Asia. Attendees had their pictures taken with cut-out avatars of their favorite virtual YouTubers. Live performances were held, too.

Case Mod Showcase Competition

In the computer rig area, a collection of modded computers sat on display, each one built with a unique design by the modding community. One rig was based on Iron man, with a screen that lit up showing the suit rotating in 3D and an accompanying suit toy that looked like it was under repair.

One of the builds is made to look like a spaceship, using Lego bricks to house the CPU fan and create the illusion of it being part of the spacecraft, while creatively using the T-Force RGB SSD as a computer screen of its command center.

There are many more unique builds to mention, and it’s the perfect place for builders who love putting their own spin on a PC.

Malaysia Game Fest

The Malaysia Game Fest, a chance for game developers and attendees alike to get a taste of what Malaysian game developers have been up to lately, 12 local game developers were invited to show off their creations. Attendees were able to learn about the video game industry in the country.

One of the notable games to be highlighted here is Eximius: Seize the Frontline, by Ammobox Studios. A combination of FPS and RTS gameplay that is sure to appeal to both FPS and RTS fans alike. In the game, you can control a troop that can be played in different modes. You can read our separate interview article of this one on our upcoming article, where they talk more about their game.

Other lineup showcased includes from different genre like the 2-player escape room style horror game Malice, Banzai Escape 2, and Exist.exe and among others. Attendees got to play these indie games and see for themselves that local developers are making good games.

Tabletop Games

There is a dedicated area for board games, role-play games, and other tabletop activities along with a long table where players can sit down and play games with their friends or new acquaintances.

You’ll find a variety of games, including Dungeons and Dragons, the Pokemon Trading Card game, the One Piece Trading Card game, and Battle Spirit Trading card game to name just a few.

All of these games were enjoyed by those in attendance and provided a great deal of fun especially for the niche community.


One of the events that stood out in particular was the free consultation with e-Medica. It provides free consultations for gamers who want to stay healthy, and they have a wide range of services for all types of health issues from muscle, body density, bones, eyes, hearing, mental health and many more. The doctors on the e-Medica team include top professionals in their fields.

We left the consultation feeling very informed and more aware of our health issues. We were surprised by the tips they offered to help us feel more comfortable while gaming—for example, a stretching technique while playing helps you feel less stiff after long hours of gaming.

Gigabash and Tournaments

One of the games featured at last year’s E3 was Gigabash, a brawler game where you control a giant monster or “Kaiju” in a destructible environment. The developer was present at the event and attendees can get insight about their game and try the mini tournament they have. We also got to speak with one of the lead programmers and also excited to share our interview in our upcoming article.

There was a virtual racing tournament, where teams race to win and walk away a slice of 3,000 RM (PHP 38,000) prize pool through the EXN GT Circuit.

Tech Brands and Other activities

In addition to all these, there were plenty of vendors selling all sorts of merchandises that attendees could take home. Some tech brands also showcased their new peripherals like from Logitech, Predator, Wacom and many more.

Like Logitech’s keyboard and mouse “pops” with its colorful keys and unique design, which certainly turns some heads at their booth.

Wacom, meanwhile, were showcasing their top performing tablets at the exhibition where attendees and invited artists got to try out these gadgets showcasing their creative skills.

There are many gadgets at the show that brings the virtual and physical world into one, such as this bike that syncs up with a game to show you your stats during the ride.

Attendees were treated to a free photo session to get a memorable souvenir from the event. The photos were taken by a professional photographer and prints were made available afterwards. This was a great perks for attendees and added to the overall enjoyment of the event.

The event also featured a 1-hour concert by the Malaysian band Brightburn, started off as a band dedicated for Anime Comic and Games, playing various covers from Digimon, all the way to Hero Academia. The crowd was highly enthusiastic and enjoyed the music.

The event ended with a final drawing for all who participated in the QR code scavenger hunt and mouse pad party. We were able to get some travel pillows!

NOiZUcon 2022 was an absolute blast—we could tell from the crowds that everyone was having a great time. Overall, it was a great experience that we hope they’ll repeat next year! It was great to see so many people come together to celebrate all things gaming. We look forward to seeing you next year!

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