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As many of you already know, Overmortal has been a huge success since its launch. Players have come from all over the SEA region to play the Eastern Fantasy Wuxia Idle Role-Playing game. Though the product has only been out a few weeks, it’s still growing steadily with new features, tweaks, and events. The latest update includes Journey to the West, an event that will give players a chance to obtain some awesome rewards!

Starting October 14, 2022, players of Overmortal can fight along with the Monkey King, Wukong, also known as the Great Sage as he embarks on a new journey to battle demons using wits and courage—as well as learning from his experiences. Each stage you complete will bring you into contact with several NPC characters such as Yang Jian, Scorpion, White Bone Spirit, Princess Iron Fan, Six Eared Macaque, and Hydrawym.

During the event, a new scene will be unlocked each morning at 8 AM (GMT +7) with a set of daily quests for you to complete. Upon reaching your progress to 100, an additional quiz quest will be unlocked, where you can win extra in-game rewards and a new message frame. In case you have a problem answering the quiz quest, you can ask Monkey King, Wukong to help you up to three times. 

After completing all of the quests in the Journey to the West event, Hydrawyrm will transform into its true form and offer you a new quest. Solve its riddle for a special event-exclusive collectible!

  • Cloud Walking Boots – These boots were once an important Dragon Palace treasure. They were later obtained by the Monkey King, Wukong, who used them to fly to the moon. Now they are one of the Great Sage’s relics.
  • Crescend Jade – After absorbing lunar energy for 10,000 years, a stone transformed into the shape of a crescent moon. It was later crafted into a pendant. The pendant was lost after the Deity-Demon War, but it was then found by Hydrawyrm.
  • Gold Chainmail – Once a precious item in the Dragon Palace, it was as impenetrable as dragon scales. It even resisted one hundred thousand heavenly soldiers when the Monkey King, Wukong, wreaked havoc in Heaven.

By collecting all of the three relic sets, you can receive bonuses to your base HP and MP, as well as Ability DMG. 

Join the Dragon Palace Hunt and Collect Palace Tokens for Rewards!

Throughout the event, there is a new token called Palace Tokens that can be used to draw valuable rewards like the Journey to the West-exclusive skins, curios and creation jade. You can collect these Palace Tokens by participating in the Dragon Palace Hunt.

The additional event offers five ranks of rewards, including Fine Curio / Exotic Curio / Epic Curio / Mythic Curio / Ultimate Curio. To claim your chosen rewards, you need to advance the reward track to 100 by completing Treasure Hunts. Each Treasure Hunt has a chance of instantly advancing the progress to 100. In rare instances, you can win all five rewards chosen with one Treasure Hunt.

Play Treasure Hunt a certain number of times, and you’ll get [Ethereal Sage], the Journey to the West-exclusive Skin.

Wandering Ascetic New Skin on Sale with Benefits Worth Thousands of Fateum

The new skin Wandering Ascetic Set will be available in the Specials Shop. You can buy the corresponding packs to get the full set!

When you log in during the event, you can claim exclusive benefits. These benefits can include bonus Fateum and chances to win rewards worth thousands of Fateum. Plus, there are many more benefits like doubled watering effects when gardening and Monthly/Season Pass purchase and renewal bonuses!

Stay tuned! The Spiritual World will soon be here

The event will end on October 20, 2022, but it will not end without another surprise. At the end of October, they’ll be releasing the biggest update to-date: The Spiritual World. Where players can embark on their adventures to the new stages like Voidbreak (C) / Voidbreak (M), as well as new reamls, weapons, relics, curious, and techniques. Furthermore, the Immortal Friends system allows you to befriend immortals like White Astra and Jiang Ziya to gain BR bonuses!

Download Overmortal

If you haven’t played the Overmortal game yet, you can download it now on Google Play (Android) and App Store (iOS), as well as follow their official website and social media pages to stay updated with the upcoming new world update.

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