Metal Slug: Awakening is Back with another Alpha Test

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This time, it is now available for Indonesia as well as back for the Philippines.

The mobile remake of the classic arcade game Metal Slug is now back once again, and players in Indonesia and the Philippines can now participate in an alpha test. If you weren’t able to participate in the previous alpha test, now is your chance to play! Only 8,000 slots are available. The objective of the test is to help the developers balance the game and to get feedback from the players.

Metal Slug: Awakening or also known as Metal Slug Code J is a mobile game remake of the classic 90’s arcade run and gun video games by SNK. The remake is based on the original version of the game from Metal Slug: Super Vehicle-001 and to others sequel. However, there are significant differences as it offers RPG-like elements such as leveling up, upgrading weapons and equipment to progress in the game.

Players can expect to find new content in the game, including new stages, enemies, and weapons. The game will also be balanced based on feedback from the first alpha test. Players who participate in the second alpha test will be able to provide their feedback directly to the developers.

Those who are interested on participating the alpha test can now download the game through Google Play store at

So far, the game has been well received by fans of the series and newcomers alike. If you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to play on your mobile device, be sure to check out the alpha test of Metal Slug: Awakening and be the first to play.

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