Web Guild Management is now Available in Ragnarok X Next Generation

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Ragnarok X Next Generation recently launched its Guild Management, website management system where you can manage your guild without actually logging into the game. However, there are few things you can do in this new system but a new ways of rewarding your loyal guild members.

Those who are guild leader and co-leader can visit the web-based guild management at https://ngc.nvsgames.com/.

Guild Event

In the guild event, you can see the status of your guild including the KVM Points accumulated and the gifting of rewards to the guild members.

Guild Contribution List

One of the guild data is the Guild Contribution list where you can see the overall contribution of your guild members. You can sort it by level or by their contribution points.

However, there are no way to see guild contribution by week or months. Which is a must to make this tool useful for rewarding guild members.

GVG Rank List

The second guild data is the GVG Rank list where you can see the points achieved by your members by participating the GVG. The default data you’ll see here is per week.

KVM Rank List

The third is the KVM list where you can see the points, win rate, and number of participation of all of your guild members. You can sort it by level, points, win rate, and participation as well. The default data you see here is by week.

Rewarding Guild Members

In the guild management, there is also a gift icon in the upper right of the page where you can gift your guild member with certain top ups, making it easy for reward event in your guild.

Payment methods depends on each country. For the Philippines, Gcash and Debit/Credit Card is available and you can pick one of the item you can send as a gift.

A Big Bag of Crystals
10,000 Crystals
PHP 49.00
Weekly Limit: 5
A Big Bag of Zeny
3,000,000 Zeny
PHP 49.00
Weekly Limit: 35
Guild Glorious Awards
40,000 Crystals
PHP 249.00
Weekly Limit: 1
Guild Sacred Awards
140,000 Crystals
3,000,000 Zeny
PHP 999.00
Weekly Limit: 1
Odin’s Mysterious Treasure
50 x Guild Contribution
10 x Poring Gold Coin
5 x Odin’s Resplendent Reliquary
3 x Stamina Points
200 x Gacha Coin Selection Pack
20,000,000 Zeny
300,000 Crystals
PHP 3490.00
Weekly Limit: 1
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