Overmortal: An Idle Game That’s Easy to Grind, it is Now Available for Pre-registration

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Idle games have become a huge hit in the last several years. They’re addictive, easy to play and a perfect way to kill time. With that, a new role-playing mobile game (RPG) is coming to the SEA region, it is titled Overmortal and the pre-registration for the game has already started!

Overmortal is a game set in the eastern fantasy wuxia world. You will play as an immortal hero who fights through dungeons, gaining power and experience along the way. With an easy-to-use auto-grinding system, it makes ascension easier than ever before.  As a new player, you can choose to practice either the Magicka or Corporia; or embark on expeditions from a variety of locations around the virtual world. These expeditions not only help you make friends and unravel the mysteries of ascension, but also make you more powerful. 

It is a popular Idle RPG game that has been top-grossing in Mainland China for years. The server recently launched in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, as well as Malaysia and Singapore, and has been getting great reviews. Ten million players are already enjoying the game!

The game also features some very unique mechanics that set it apart from other games in its genre:

Effortless Grinding

In the world of idle gaming, there’s a lot more to do than just playing. Players often have to grind for hours on end in order to make progress in their game. But what if you didn’t have to spend all that time grinding? What if you could make progress during idle time?

That’s where Overmortal unique features come in. With this, players can make progress during idle time – as in being away from the phone, and the rewards are calculated based on how long you were offline. The game allows players to simulate battles, productions, even interactions and make tremendous progress even when you’re offline.

No Restriction on Ascension

The world of Overmortal is a magical realm where you can learn immortal techniques, craft powerful pills and weapons, discover legendary relics and curiosities, and adventure in a world of magic! Regardless of which path you choose, whether Magicka or Corporia, you will ascend to immortality and transcend natural laws.

Clash of Sects

You will not only have to fight for your own immortality, but also have to help your friends do the same! Overmortal allows you to create or join a sect and work together with your friends to ascend in the virtual world. 

You can also battle thousands of other players in real-time through Sect Clash, or challenge players on other servers through X-Server Duels. In addition, Overmortal offers a wide variety of interactive gameplay that will keep you coming back for more!

Couple Ascension with Companion

Romance is in the air on your journey to immortality! In Overmortal, you can build a companion relationship with another player. This companion offers many perks like receiving notifications when the companion gets online, quick teleport, and Legacy transfer. If you’re lucky, you’ll meet your match!

Whenever you’re in danger, your companion can instantly teleport to your location and defend you. You can also go on quests together or just hang out. The choice is yours!

Exclusive Pets and Custom Skins

The game offers hundreds of outfits and accessories for you to customize your very own character. Like the shining and flowing Thai clothing and graceful but elegant Ao Dai.

As you progress through the game, you’ll unlock new pets that can help you out in battle. Pets are special companions that will fight alongside you during battles against monsters. They also give buffs and have unique skills that will help keep your party alive throughout each battle.

Pre-Register and Win an iPhone 13

To get started on your journey to ascension, pre-register today to get more rewards when the game is launched and the exciting part – They’re giving away an iPhone 13 to ONE lucky winner!

Players who pre-register today from their website will get 20 pcs of Nimbus Jadeslip, 100 Fateum and an exclusive frame.

But that’s not all—There is also a Milestone rewards that will help players get a head start in the game. When a number of pre-registration milestones reached (100K, 300K, 500K, and 1M). New rewards will be unlocked and distributed to all players. The more pre-registration, the better rewards for everyone! 

In addition to receiving rewards, players also have a chance to win one of 150 special in-game prizes by participating in the lottery event on their official website. Prizes include iPhone 13 (512GB), iPad and AirPods Pro!

So what are you waiting for? Pre-register now to get started on your martial arts journey and claim your chance to win exciting prizes!


The game is designed to be easy to pick up and play, and is perfect for players who want to take a break from the grind of traditional RPGs. So if you’re looking for a new idle game to play, be sure to check out Overmortal! You can follow their official page at the links below and get a chance to win an extra iPhone 13 and a Nintendo Switch:

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