Open beta for Overmortal started today, one lucky fan will win iPhone 13

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Today is the day! The open beta for Overmortal, an eastern fantasy wuxia idle RPG mobile game, begins today, September 21 for both Android and iOS devices. This launch comes after a successful 1 million pre-registrations from players in the SEA region. To celebrate this momentous occasion, all players who play the game this period will be surprised with rewards and different events for all players including a 7-Day Login, Lost Treasure Ranking and many more! And remember the iPhone 13 lottery? The winner will be announced today, so one lucky player will get to take it home.

Overmortal is set in a martial arts world where you can go on solo or team up with friends. You start out as an immortal hero who fights through realms, gaining power and experience along the way. With an easy-to-use auto-grinding system, it makes the martial arts world so easy that new players can jump right in, but there’s also a rich backstory to be discovered through quests that gives it depth.

Rewards and Events

Players who participate in the open beta will be rewarded with exclusive items. This is a great incentive to play the game early and get a leg up on the competition like the 7-Day Login Event that gives you rewards every day for logging in for 7 days straight, rewards to Lost Treasures Ranking and many more.

Ascension Pathfinder

As soon as you enter the game, you’re greeted by an NPC named Junior Alumna. She guides you on your journey to become immortal and gives you an exclusive pack to help you ascend quickly. On the 7th day of NPC activity, you can claim a Skin Selection Chest in which you can select one of the following: Shining Thai costume or an Elegant Ao Dai.

7-Day Login Event

If you want to get amazing rewards in Overmortal, make sure to login every day for seven days straight! You could get Treasure Tokens, a Legendary Relic, and on the seventh day, the Purple Star Ring – which is the best prize of all. 

This is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on if you’re looking to increase your Battle Rating (BR)!

Lost Treasures Ranking

With the overwhelming rewards throughout the open beta, you can also complete the lost treasures ranking quest where you can gain a large number of resources and claim the skin set, Cloud Feathers.

1 Million Pre-Registration Reached, Login for Rewards

Since the start of their pre-registration on August 19, Overmortal has already amassed a total of 1 million pre-registrations – that’s about 10 times the maximum capacity of Michigan Stadium, Ann Arbor.

And if you are one of those who pre-registered and entered their phone numbers, you’ll be able to received a gift code for the game that you can redeem for some exciting in-game rewards; such as 20 x Nimbus Jadeslip, 100 x Fateum and a Frame (Moonlit Lotus). Just make sure you login in to the game and redeem them!

Stay updated with the game

You should keep an eye on their Facebook page for more events where you can win iPhone 13 (512 GB) and a Nintendo Switch! Today, the drawing for the lottery event will take place on Facebook, selecting the winner of the iPhone 13. So who is the winner? It might be you!

If you are interested in winning some amazing prizes or simply follow the updates with the game, you can visit their Facebook page at



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