Open beta for Overmortal is on September 21: Get Your Chance to Get iPhone 13!

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This upcoming eastern fantasy wuxia idle RPG mobile game, Overmortal is set to release their open beta testing on September 21st. The developers are also hosting a giveaway for an iPhone 13 on their official Facebook page on the same day—so you could be one of the lucky winners!

In Overmortal, you will play as an immortal hero who fights through dungeons, gaining power and experience along the way. With an easy-to-use auto-grinding system, it makes the martial arts world so easy. As a new player, you can choose to play solo or play with friends through sect and fight other sects in epic PvP battles. Build a relationship with another player through its couple system. You can even hatch pets to go with your adventure and customize skins, and more!

The game is already guaranteed to be a huge hit, with more than 500,000 pre-registrations—and it’s not even out yet!

Ascension to Immortality

When you begin your journey in the Overmortal world, you must learn how to train through meditation. Once you’ve learned enough, you will be ready for Stage Breakthrough. This happens when you reach a certain Stage after a long course of training.

After this, you will be tested by tribulations of thunderbolts that rain down on you. You must resist them all to break into a new Stage and gain greater power.

Simulations of Ascension Life

The exploration of realms is one of the main features of the game. In each realm, you must defeat monsters and collect materials in order to forge weapons and craft pills. You can also trade with other players, or even grow plants in your garden! And if you’re lucky enough to hatch a rare egg, you may have a chance to get the exclusive SEA regions’ pet—— Belephant! So make sure to hatch as many eggs as you can.

Social Systems and PvP Battles

There are a few ways to ensure your immortality: you can fight for it, or you can work together with your friends to get there. With Overmortal, you can do both! Work together with your friends to ascend in the virtual world, or build a companion relationship with another player and help each other ascend.

The gate to Otherworld will be open from time to time. This is where Taoists from different servers can come together and compete together.

The game just reached 500K Pre-registration

Overmortal is on fire! They already gained 500,000 pre-registration across the SEA region, and they’re not stopping there. Log in to the game to claim amazing rewards, including a chance to speed up your ascension to immortality. Invite your friends to pre-register Overmortal today and get them access to the 1M Pre-Register Rewards!

In addition to this exciting news, players also have a chance to win one of 150 special in-game prizes by participating in the lottery event from their official website. Prizes include an iPhone 13 (512GB), iPad and AirPods Pro!

Those who pre-registered into the game will have a guarantee to receive the following items; 20 x Nimbus Jadeslip, 100 x Fateum, and the Frame Moonlit Lotus.

So when the game comes out, don’t forget to check out your in-game mail to claim your rewards.

Be their Fans

Get ready to play and win. Overmortal is coming out of beta very soon, and they’re giving you a chance to win an iPhone 13 and Nintendo Switch!

Just follow their official page and join their events to get in on the action. You’ll be automatically entered into the raffle when the open beta releases, and you could win an extra iPhone 13 for yourself!

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