My Battle WOC S3 Amazing Event Guide in Ragnarok X Next Generation (ROX)

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Today, Ragnarok X Next Generation has released their new Amazing Event where it celebrates the upcoming WOC S3 and KVM cross server. You can roll a dice called Starshine Coins to get rewards and the dice itself can be obtained by completing different quest especially for KVMs. It is a 15-day event where it will starts from September 13 and ends on September 28, 2022.

Note: Obtaining the Starshine Coins is up to September 26 only, after that you can no longer obtained it and can only be used for draw.

QuestStarshine Coins13-Days
Complete 1 KVM matches5 x Starshine Coins30 Starshine Coins
(From 6-day KVMs)
Complete 5 KVM matches10 x Starshine Coins60 Starshine Coins
(From 6-day KVMs)
Win 3 KVM matches15 x Starshine Coins90 Starshine Coins
(From 6-day KVMs)
Like the Star Guild3 x Starshine Coins39 Starshine Coins
Login Daily to Obtain2 x Starshine Coins26 Starshine Coins
TOTAL245 Starshine Coins

Costume (OG Vibez)

The costume is guaranteed to be obtained after 150 draw and for each draws, you need 3 x Starshine coins which means you need a total of 450 x Starshine coins to get the costume.


OG Vibes (Male)
Obtain from Anniversary-related events

Lv.3 Exchange Center item listing +3

OG Vibes (Female)
Obtain from Anniversary-related events

Lv.3 Exchange Center item listing +3

You’ll get 245 Starshine coins from the free quest and you need more 205 Starshine Coins that can only be purchased with 5,000 Crystal for each, that is 1,025,000 Crystals.


Using your 3 Starshine coins, you can roll a dice to win random rewards. We have no data for exact chances for each.

RewardsLimit per day
99,999 Diamonds10
9,999 Diamonds30
Exquisite Card Album100
Retro Mount: Steampunk HeliUnlimited
Retro Mount: Black LightningUnlimited
Advanced Upgrading Selection PackUnlimited
Enchantment Selection Pack IIIUnlimited
Refinement Selection Pack IIIUnlimited
10,000 CrystalsUnlimited
100 Odin’s BlessingUnlimited
1 x Pineapple Pastry
(30% Freeze Resistance, 30% Curse Resistance for 30 minutes)
1 x Golden Pillow Durian
(10% PVP Final Damage, 10% PVP Final Magic Damage)
9,999 ZenyUnlimited
10 x Gacha Coin Selection PackUnlimited
1 x Poring Gold CoinUnlimited
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