Mutalk, a VR device that Captures Sound from your Mouth and Prevents it From Escaping

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Have you ever heard of Mutalk? This product was featured at CES 2022, created by a company called Shiftall. The device is a microphone that captures your voice, but its main feature is to prevent your voice from leaking out. It’s like a noise cancelling but the other way around. However, they look a little weird when worn.

The device is designed for VR metaverse players who have been playing their favorite VR game for hours, but family members are tired of hearing them yell and scream. The device can also be used for non-VR games like competitive team-based games where you need to voice chat with your teammates or if you are a streamer who doesn’t want to disturb people around.

The news is, this device started its pre-order on Japan and has a suggested retail price of 19,900 YEN (PHP 8,060), the shipping for the device will start around November to December this year. It has a built-in battery that will last for 10 hours use and compatible for Windows, MacOs, iOS and Android devices.

Those who are interested can check the device at

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