How to Refine in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution

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You have come to a point that you no longer able to complete a dungeon in a limited time and enhancing your equipment is no longer enough to increase your Battle Points. The easiest way to increase your Battle Points in the Dragon Nest 2 Evolution is through refine. However, getting these mats (Refining Stone) are harder but you can always get this mats by using the Glazed Amber Coins and the most favorite of whalers, the Diamond Shop.

How to Refine Equipment

To refine your equipment, simply go to right menu, then Cultivate. From Cultivate page, open the Refine tab.

Then you can select the equipment that you want to refine. From level 1 to 5, you need 1 Refining Stone to refine it. After that, the required stone will be higher.

Where to get Refining Stone

You can obtain the Refining Stone from 7 different ways.

  • Treasure Map
  • Treasure Brawl
  • Tactical Stronghold
  • Wild Boss
  • Diamond Shop
  • Merit Store
  • Glory Arena
  • Glory Arena’s Redemption Shop
  • Contribute Store
  • Glazed Amber Shop

Wild Boss

If you like boss hunting, the Wild Boss activity is where you can get the Refining Stone. However, you can only get rewards 2 times per day and it is only open on selected time:

  • 10:00 to 10:30 AM
  • 2:00PM to 2:30PM
  • 5:00PM to 5:30PM
  • 9:30PM to 10:00PM

Glory Arena

Participate in 1v1 fight with other player in Glory Arena, every time you win, you’ll get a Refining Stone. However, you can only participate 5 times a day. Though you can increase this limit by purchasing an attempt through Glazed Amber coin (50pcs each attempt).

Glory Arena’s Redemption Stone

Once you’ve win a match in Glory Arena, you also win an Elite Glory Coin. You can use this coin to exchange for Refining Stone. Each stone cost around 50 x Elite Glory Coin.

Contribute Store (Guild Exchange)

By participating guild activities, you’ll get an Contribution points where you can use this to exchange the Refining Stone through the Contribute Store shop that cost around 100 x Contribute Points.

Glazed Amber Shop

Lastly, through the Glazed Amber shop. You can use the Glazed Amber coins to exchange it for Refining Stone. At the first day of the game, you got plenty of these from the objective and event rewards. Each Refining Stone cost around 10x Glazed Amber coins.

That’s basically the parts in the game where you can get these Refining Stone.

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