How to Auto-Play AFK grind in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution

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As you played Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, you probably wondering for a controls for AFK grinding and looking for that control takes ages for you figure out. But one question remains, is it possible to auto-play and AFK grind in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution? The answer is yes, you just need to activate it through the Monster Codex menu and it will auto play on it own.

To use auto-play or AFK grinding in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, you need to open the Activity menu, then go to Solo tab, then find the Monster Codex and click the Join button.

From there, you will find the maps and certain level for AFK grinding, find the monster that suit to your level and click the Go button.

Note that maps that you haven’t visited will not be available on Monster Codex, you need to go to that map to be available in the page. Make sure that the level of monster are not far behind or too high for your level.

After doing this, you need Stamina for you to earn EXP. Usually, the 10K stamina will take for hours to consume.

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