All Answers to Scholar’s Hall Questions in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution

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When you reached level 15 in Dragon Nest 2 Evolution, you’ll be able to participate in Scholar’s Hall. This activity will you to take a 10 question exam where you will get additional rewards. Answering 7 questions correctly allows you to get to upgrade your rewards to a Silver chest. While answering all of the 10 questions will allow you to earn the Gold Chest.

Where to Participate Scholar’s Hall

To participate, you need to visit small NPC Heraldry Scholar. You can also easily access this in your Activity Menu. At Solo tab, just find the Scholar’s Hall and you are good to go.

You can only participate this event once per day. So make sure to answer all of the questions correctly to obtain the best rewards.

List of All Answers in Scholar’s Hall

Answering the questions correctly 7 times will allow you to get the Silver chest. Perfect score is Gold chest.

What happens when I swap out a piece of equipment that was previously enhanced?No impact
How many kinds of Feathers can I equip on my Wings?2
When can other players be attacked in Boss Arena?Boss HP below 20%
In Dragon Nest 2, what is the main Archer attribute?Agility
What is that creature next to the Encounter Merchant of Saint’s Haven?Little Fox
How are Guild buildings upgraded?Officers and higher ranks can upgrade using Guild Funds
Which of the following ways of dungeon matchmaking will result in the player from being barred from matchmaking?Malicious exit from dungeon within 5 minutes of entry
In Dragon Nest 2, what is the main Sorceress attribute?Intelligence
In Dragon Nest 2, what is the main Warrior attribute?Power
What do I need to unlock the Velskud quests?Velskud
When a red warning circle suddenly appears under your feet in a dungeon, which of the following is correct course of action?Quickly run out of the circle
Which of the following is not a class in Dragon Nest?Druid
How are Guild building upgraded?Officers and higher ranks can upgrade using Guild Funds
How many pets can I deploy in battle at one time?1
Who can launch a Guild Expedition?Officers and higher ranks may open
In Dragon Nest 2, what are the equipment rarities from low to high?Common, uncommon, rare, epic, mythic, heavenly
What is the maximum number of people who can enter the Forbidden Ground?1
Which NPC in Saint’s Haven do I have to look up in order to access the Training Ground?Henry
Which of the following status skills is not a control skill?Critical Strike
For which of the following parts is the equipping of an item similar to another one that has already been equipped permitted?Ring
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