A Boundless Oriental Fantasy Open World is Waiting for You! Pre-Register to win iPhone13!

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Divine W: Perfect Wonderland (Hereinafter referred to as “Divine W”) is a fantasy open-world MMORPG with oriental style. The game’s massive open world is over 60,000 square inches. Start an exciting journey through this sword and magic world. Everything you choose to do affects the world, and your choices help to determine the world’s future. Sign up for the pre-registration at https://bit.ly/3KP4lC2 to receive limited SSR characters, 1 billion diamonds, even the chance to win the iPhone13 Pro Max and other grand prizes!

Post Pre-reg screenshot to win iPhone13 & PS5!

Just follow the Divine W FB page and share your pre-registration in the comments section at the top of the post, then you can participate in the lucky draws for iphone13, PS5, AirPods and more! Now immediately click in https://www.facebook.com/DivineW.LN to pre-register, use the given iPhone to play Divine W!

An Oriental world full of myths and fantasies

The game owns a massive map measuring over 60,000 square inches. Players begin their exciting journey in this sword and magic world. Every choice you make affects the world and shape its future.

Choose your class and start a legendary adventure

The game offers eight classes to choose from, each with its own look, skill effects, and weapons. Players can increase their class skills by leveling up, but the right strategy is still crucial in combat. The combination of class skills and team-assisted combat gameplay greatly improves the freedom and depth of combat.

Trigger the adventure of chance, open the fate of the war

In the game, players will encounter lost warrior spirits and learn the lost martial arts under the guidance of warrior gods. However, you should be careful to choose the road of martial arts. Every class in the game has its own personality; if you accidentally choose one with a demonic personality, you might face unimaginable consequences!

Immerse yourself in Oriental customs to enrich your fragmented time

Besides fighting, there’s lots of other gameplay. Fishing, hunting, cooking and feasting… You can experience the richest Oriental living customs! Being yourself here is very easy!

Want more about Divine W and easily win the iPhone, PS5 and other luxury gifts? Be sure to check out Divine W FB for pre-registration at https://bit.ly/3KP4lC2!

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