Tower of Fantasy is Officially Available on Mobile and PC

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For those who has been waiting for this new shared open-world RPG game’ Tower of Fantasy just like the Genshin Impact, the wait is over. The game is now available to play and download for both Google Play and App Store, as well as for PC.

Those who are interested to play the game can go to their official download page at the following:

Developed by Level Infinite (a developer studio of Tencent Games for the global market) and Hotta Studio, The Tower of Fantasy takes place in a vast alien world where humans have formed a new civilization on a planet called Aida. Humans have discovered that Aida has a mysterious power source called Omnium. Exploiting this resource leads to calamity and temporal lift, almost destroying the entire civilization.

Players can explore futuristic structures, open vistas, interact with other players and fight epic battles against bosses that unlock your fighting style. Players can party up with other players to explore backstories about each character and this vibrant living world.


Currently there are 5 server regions that players can choose:

  • Asia-Pacific (Oxygen, Shinya, Gomap, Venus, Eden, Fate, Nova, Ruby, Babel, Pluto, Sushi, Galaxy, Memory, Sakura, Seeker, Stella, Uranus, Utopia)
  • North America (Myriad, Lighthouse, Eternium Phantasy, Silver Bridge, Azure Plane, Starlight, The Glades, Nightfall, Frontier, Libera, Solaris, Freedom-Oasis, The worlds between, Radiant, Tempest, New Era, Observer, Lunalite, Oumuamua, Sol-III, Nirvana)
  • Europe (Elypium, Excalibur, Espoir IV, Aimanium, Ether, Futuria, Celestialrise, Alintheus, Andoes, Anomora, Astora, Valstamm, Blumous, Cosmos, Dyrnwyn, Estrela, Ex Nihilor, Hephaestus)
  • South America (Tanzanite, Calodesma Seven, Antlia, Centaurus, Phoenix, Ophiuchus, Hope, Orion, Luna Azul, Tiamat, Pegasus, Cepheu, Columba, Corvus, Cygnus, Grus, Hydra and Lyra)
  • Southease Asia (Osillron, Chandra, Saeri, Oryza, Fantasia, Animus, Aestral-Noa, Phantasia, Mechafield, Ethereal Dream, Odyssey, Aeria, Scarlet, Gumi Gumi, Stardust, Arcania, Mistilteinn)
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