No More Mission, How to go to Albion on Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

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You just completed the main and side quests on Destroy all Humans! 2 Reprobed, suddenly, there are no longer mission appears on the map. You might think that you have encountered a bug, and you’ve missed the quest that you just completed. Restarting the game and checking the map again—there are still no more missions.

There is one gold icon remaining in the map, and the birdy-robot Will says, “New location available: Albion, Sensors indicate fog. Brolly required.” So where is it? You can’t leave the Bay City by going to the edge of the map, nor Will is not a very helpful guide for some correct instruction.

We’ve got the same problem, too. The problem is that there are two different interfaces, one for being Crypto and the other one is being inside Crypto’s saucer. If you don’t know about this, it’s easy to be confused and think there is only one map in the game and there is no world map or something.

How to go to Albion

Since you have already completed all of the mission in Bay City, you need to go to the new location “Albion”. To go in there, you need to go to the nearest Saucer’s Landing Zone. Upon reaching the area, call your ship.

Then there should be a NAVICOM from the selection.

Click that and it will open the world map, browse the map on the upper menu and select Albion. To browse, press Q or E for PC, L1 or R1 for PlayStation 4/5 and LT or RT for XBOX.

Then, click the Reach button from the menu or press Enter from your keyboard.

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