How to Repair your Spaceship on Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

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You are zipping across the Bay City in a laser, firing at anything that gets in your way. The military and Soviet Union’s KGB are doing everything they can to destroy you. Unluckily, they manage to damage your flying saucer and you now see a warning sign color on your computer screen telling you that your saucer’s health is in critical condition. This time, you need to do something about it immediately or you will lose the game.

Repairing your spaceship are included on the initial tutorial of the game, the thing is – it is easy to forget as there are many keys to remember.

In this guide, we will recap the basics on repairing your flying saucer.

How to Repair your Flying Saucer

To repair your saucer, find any moving objects like tanks, cars or people. Aim your target and press and hold the R keys from your keyboard. For XBOX controller, it’s X button and for PlayStation controller, its Square button.

This will allow you to regenerate your flying saucer’s health.

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