How to Fix Camera Angle in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC3 Guide)

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC3) is one of the most visually stunning handled games out for the Nintendo Switch. However, some players who are not used to RPG games may encounter issues while playing it like one common issue is with the camera angle. Players might find themselves stuck with a zoom-in camera and resetting back to default can be frustrating when you are not familiar with the controls.

In this guide, we will help you with the basic and reset back the default camera angle the first time you’ve played the game.

How to Reset the Camera Angle

First, we have to reset the camera angle back to its original position, at the back of our controlled character. This is by holding the ZL button then press the Right Stick (Analog).

Now, to reset the zoom and pan position of the camera:

For the zoom, while holding the ZL button, move the Right Stick (Analog) to up or down until the body of our controlled character are 35 to 45% size from the screen.

For the pan position, hold the ZL button and move the Right Stick (Analog) to left and right. The default pan position is the center, so try to maxed out both sides and figure out the center position.

That’s basically resetting the original camera settings for the game.

How to Change Camera Position Vertically

As explained above, to move the camera’s position vertically, simply hold the ZL button then move the Right Stick (Analog) to left and right.

Doing this will move the position of the camera up and down from the controlled character perspective.

How to Zoom-in and Zoom-out Camera

To zoom-in and zoom-out, simply hold the ZL button then move the Right Stick (Analog) to up and down.

Up is for Zoom-in, Down is for Zoom-out.

Note for PlayStation Players

For PlayStation players that are confused with the naming convention of the Nintendo Switch controls, ZL button is equivalent for L2 and Right Stick is the Right Analog Stick.

If you solved any of the camera issues mentioned here, or found other ways to cope with it, let us know in the comments below. We would love to hear your tips and tricks to overcome this issue.

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