How to Complete Gene Blender on Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

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Are you confused with how the Gene Blender works in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed? Well, it is not just you – a lot of people like you has a similar problem figuring out the basics, specifically how to use vacuum or abduct the people as when you do, you’ll end up throwing the people instead of vacuuming them inside to your spaceship or flying saucer.

Remember that there are multiple of weapons that the ship have, the default weapon is the Death Ray where it shoots a laser and destroy things. And there is the Abduct-O-Beam where you can drag objects and throw them which is confusing for some because of the word “abduct”. The correct weapon for suctioning people is using the Slurpmaster V8.

There are some tutorial from the small robots named Lawrence Welk at the initial mission, but it is not clear.

How to abduct or suction people into your Spaceship

To abduct the people, you need to switch your space ship primary weapon to Slurpmaster V8. To do this, you have to scroll your mouse wheel.

Now that you have the Slurpmaster V8 equipped, press the left button from your mouse to suck up any creatures in your way. To view the ground, just hold the CTRL key from your keyboard.

Note that there are Gene Blender progress that are locked on certain mission, so if it doesn’t count, you need to unlock the next mission to do it.

Where to abduct People

Police – You can find them in cop cars and on the streets, though they spawn more often when you raise the alarm level to yellow or orange. You’ll also find a Police station in the city.

Hippies – They are on the streets, but most of them hangouts in the park (The initial place).

Soldiers – Military bases are littered throughout the map, just look for a building that resembles a barracks and you will find several. If you still hard time finding them, raised the alarm level to Red and they will spawn in your way.

KGB – If you can’t find the KGB in Bay City, look for them on the small island in the center of the city. You’ll find a fortress there and guards who are all KGB members. You may also destroy the building and a lot of them will come out.

There are other maps in the game, but we won’t spoil their information here.

Upgrades from Gene Blender

Once you’ve completed the abduct objectives, you can upgrade more blend abilities. To activate it, just press the Blend button on the Gene Blender Menu. You can open Gene Blender while on the ship by pressing Z keys.

PsychokinesisI Obsessive-Compulsive CatapultismIncrease impact. Small and medium-sized inanimate objects are launched with higher velocity and inflict more damage on impact.

II Ekrixiphilia Exploding projectiles. Inanimate objects launched at full charge explode on impact.

III Pituary Gland Electrodes Throw large objects. Enables slowly levitating and throwing vehicles and other massive objects. They can now be transmogrified, as well.
BodysnatchI Paltrogwynetic Anti-Aging Formula Slows host decay. Reduces the decay rate of the human host and strengthens its resilience to damage by inserting microscopic jade ovoids into the skeletal molecular structure.

II Anabolic Cocktail Glands Move quicker. Mutated anabolic glands metastasize throughout the host’s body, greatly enhancing its movement speed.
– 10 x Secret Agents
– 20 x Cops
– 15 x Soldiers

III Olfactory Furomone Factory Stun bystander. Nanofabricators emit a furomone cloud whenever a body is snatched, stunning all earthlings in proximity.
Free LoveI Woodstock Brain Wave Foist-O-Mator Targets dance longer. Increases how long humans dance before the party breaks out.

II Sado-Hedonistic Destabilizer – Targets dance sooner. Increase Free Love’s impact, forcing humans to dance even earlier.
– 10 x Secret Agents
– 20 x Cops
– 15 x Soldiers

III Furomone Jaculatron Overclocker – Bigger target beams. Drastically increases the width of the Free Love beam.
Brain ExtractI Cognitohazard Pattern Alpha Double extraction. Brain Extract spreads to another specimen when a it explodes.
– 20 x Hippies
– 15 x Cops
– 20 x Soldiers

II Cognitohazard Pattern Beta Chain extraction. Brain Extract spreads to multiple specimens when it explodes.

III Compulsion Matrix Omega Death Frenzy. Humans in the final stages of brain extraction attack their allies in a rage.
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