How to Cheat Unlimited Ammo, Life and more in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

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Playing as Crypto in Destroy all Humans! 2: Reprobed is a lot of fun because you get to destroy everything in your path. However, there are a few things you should know about playing as Crypto: first, he’s not God and second, he runs out of ammo and health.

It will be a lot of more fun if we can have a cheat-like feature in the game and fortunately, there is! The game has a sandbox feature named Holopox Deck, it basically allow you to repeat already completed mission and play it on a sandbox where you can apply funny cheats on it.

List of all Cheats (Mutator)

There are three available mutator you can enable in the game.

Infinite Skating in Mid-air
Suprakinetic Jetpack Thrusters, where you can use jetpack to skate infinitely in mid-air as long as the altitude remains unchanged
Unlimited Ammo
Infinitron Ordnance, where you will have infinite ammo and charges applied to your weaponry.
Infinitron Shields, where Crypto can’t die, so any attacks won’t make any scratches to him.
Ninja Bodyguard
Ninja Bodyguard, allows you to respawn your friendly ninja in your mission.
Auto Transform Objects
Transmog Mork Mod, where it automatically transform objects to explosive barrel, Revelade Barrel, or chemically infected cow.
Armed Civilian
Murica, civilians will equipped weapons on their cars.
No Life Regen
Oldtimer Shield Innervator, If enabled, Invulnerability will not work and your shield will not regenerate to give challenging mission.
Ghost Cops
Silhouette’s Mask, ghost cops will spawn in the area.
Big Head Mode
(The Furon)
Homocephalic Aggrandizer, everyone will have a big head that look likes the furon or crypto.
Local Color
(The Furon)
Local Color, Permanently switch the local filter in the game, from raining, old style, Free love’s colorful environment.
X-Ray Vision
(The Furon)
Selective X-ray vision, allows you to show the skeleton of the NPcs.
Lunar Gravity Mode
(The Furon)
Graviton Lunaformer, reduces the harsh earth gravity to moon-like gravity.

How to Enable Cheats

To enable the cheat mode, you need to go to the nearest landing zone. From there, select the Holopox Deck.

Then select any mission that you want the cheat to be applied.

After that, enable the Mutator and now you can select the option of cheat you want in the game.

How to Exit Holopox Dex

If you want to go back to the original world, just open up the menu and select the Exit Holopox Dex option.

After that, all cheats will be gone and goes back to normal.

It is a good initiative for THQ Nordic to add a cheat mode in the game and separate it from the real mission you had. Making the game more fun without spoiling the main missions. Good job on this one!

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