Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum Opens on September 1!

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Find glory in the Colosseum in the new Season.

Let the Gladiator Games begin in Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum, launching as a free update on September 1. This Season features an all-new 6v6 game mode where you can battle while commanding units based on the gladiators of Ancient Rome. Prepare to achieve greatness by preordering the Battle Pass with exclusive bonus content today!

Watch the cinematic trailer below to immerse yourself in the new Roman-inspired era of Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum, and witness the new mode featuring the musical talents of composer Epson Wu (Project X-Traction, Detective Chinatown) and vocals from Omega Sparx.

Seek Victory in the new Colosseum Mode

“Gladiator in arena consilium capit”, Seneca the Younger.

Rise to glory as a gladiator champion in the brand-new Colosseum mode! Battle in 6v6 combat in the grandest arena of all time while sporting limited lives and one artillery piece per player, with a crowd and announcer crying out for entertainment.

Lead your own units into battle and command additional reinforcements in the form of fearsome gladiators and powerful corps while honing your Hero and their skills in the most challenging theatre ever created.

You can learn more about the mode, including gameplay and map design, on the official website in the coming weeks. Then, experience the spectacle when the season launches on September 1. For those who are about to fight, we salute you!

Enter the Fray with new Units

Even the greatest of champions need strong allies. Fight to survive alongside new Seasonal units inspired by the gladiators and soldiers of Ancient Rome:

  • Dimachaeri (3-Star): Warriors fight for their lives in the Colosseum, the Dimachaeri are armed with two siccae swords on the battlefield, and their leaping strikes can’t be blocked.
  • Myrmillones (4-Star): Long-time champions, the Myrmillones were born for greatness. Equipped with swords and shields, they can knock back foes with ease.
  • Retiarii (5-Star): As ruthless in the Gladiator Games as they are in open combat, the Retarii are a different breed of soldier. Their tridents are as dangerous as their mark of death, cursing enemies while they charge with their pilums.

Rise as a Champion in a new Seasonal Campaign

Embark on a brand new Seasonal Campaign inspired by the Roman Empire and their legendary Gladiator Games. The Emperor of the Herazlan Empire is losing favor, and his grip on his domain as a mysterious and powerful new faction rises from the shadows in a labyrinthine conspiracy against him.

Endure the Gladiator Games against a backdrop of political turmoil. Begin your trials in the starting region of the Borderlands or Batholia and play every week to rise to glory in the Colosseum. Battle in twice-weekly Territory Wars with your House, and complete Stages to prepare for the conclusive clash in Anliang at the end of the Season.

Preorder the Battle Pass for Gladiatorial Spoils

Preorder the Colosseum Battle Pass to earn exclusive bonus content immediately, and when Conqueror’s Blade: Colosseum releases. The following instant rewards are only available when you preorder the Battle Pass in-game before September 1:

  • Colosseum Battle Pass: Active from September 1!
  • 2x Heroic Epic: Redeem them from September 1 to receive 5,000 Glory per item and boost your Battle Pass level.
  • 10x Unit Medals: Each Unit Medal grants 5,000 Unit XP to a selected unit.
  • 50,000 Bronze Coins: In-game currency.
  • 1x Treatise: This allows the War Scholar to excavate ancient battlefields and collect Doctrines to give your units useful bonuses.

Fight for exclusive rewards throughout the new Season! Rise through the ranks to claim the Centurion Hero Attire at Tier 100, the ultimate apparel for a victor of the Gladiator Games. You’ll also be able to unlock the Gladiator Champion Hero Attire instantly when you activate your Battle Pass on September 1.

Preview Live Stream with Developers

Morgen and Bread clearly know what’s coming on the way, and they’re ready to dive into the vibe of the Colosseum. On Aug. 26th, tune in to our official Twitch channel to take an early look at the season Colosseum. Whilst the preview livestreaming, feel free to join our Discord on channel #Colosseum to share your views on the new season.

More fresh information about the new season? Follow our Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook to get all you want to know!

Let’s bring the fire to the Colosseum and show your big plays to the opponents!

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