All Answers to White Ninja Leader Questions in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed

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Upon reaching the White Ninja Leader, Crypto is having trouble trying to prove that he’s an alien—and to give him a chance, the White Ninja Leader gives him a tough question from previous events in Destroy All Humans! 2 Reprobed. When you got it wrong, you will fail the mission and the game will blame you for skipping the dialogues.

But when you get it right, you’ll be able to continue with the mission and snag the next data core artifact weapon: the Ion Detonator.

So if you pay close attention to the game, you will have no problem answering these questions. But if you still get them wrong because you don’t remember the exact names, here are the answers!

Answers to White Ninja Leader Questions

There are six questions in total, and at least three must be answered correctly. Here are all of the answers to all of the questions.

Who was spiritual leader of hippies in Bay City?B. Guru Coyote Bongwater
Which of following NOT in Bay City?A: Stonewall Bar
Secret KGB base in Bay City: where hidden?C: On the Rock
Where Agent Oranchov hiding out in Albion?C: An abandoned tunnel network
Then riddle me this: What happened to hipster who came to happening?C: All of the above!
What organization Ponsonby really in charge of?B: Majestic Command, Sixteenth Sector

That’s it! Hope this mini guide help you with this mission.

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