Upcoming NBA 2K23 Cover Star is Michael Jordan

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After much anticipation, the first cover star for the upcoming NBA 2K23 video game has finally been announced – and it’s none other than Michael Jordan himself! The game is set to be released on September 9th, and will see the return of the iconic Jordan Challenge.

The Jordan Challenge is a mode in the game where players take on some of his Airness’ most famous performances. There will be 15 different challenges to choose from, 10 of that are from the 2K11’s Jordan Challenge that are completely rebuild and the other 5 is the new challenge.

Here is game trailer for the NBA 2K23’s Michael Jordan and Championship Editions.

The company announced that they will be revealing multiple cover stars, not just Michael Jackson. And in two days time the preorder for this game is going live (July 7 2022). So whether you’re a diehard fan of his or just looking to have some fun playing basketball-related video games; make sure check out NBA 2k 23 when it drops later this year!

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