Tower of Fantasy, a shared open-world, multiplayer action RPG game is set to launch on August 11 (Philippine Time)

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Tower of Fantasy, a shared open-world JRPG game with elements of fantasy and sci-fi that will be available on both PC and mobile devices. Recently, the game has undergone a closed beta testing for early players of the game, and it will finally launch on August 11, 2022 at 8AM.

Those who have not yet pre-registered for the game should do so now at The game has already reached a new milestone of 3 million pre-registrants.

Tower of Fantasy was developed by Level Infinite, a developer studio of Tencent games for global audience. The game is a closed resemblance with miHoYo’s Genshin Impact, but this one has more sci-fi on it and utilized a shared open-world environment, though most of the gameplay.

The Tower of Fantasy takes players on a journey to Aida, a planet rich with mysterious resources that hold potent energy. As humans began to exploit this energy, they also triggered a calamity, which resulted in a temporal lift that almost destroyed the entire civilization. Players can explore futuristic structures, open vistas, interact and fight epic battles with bosses. Players can party up with other players to explore the backstories of each character and this vibrant living world.

The game are available to download on their official website, or game distribution platforms like Epic Games, Steam, Google Play and App Store.

Here are the recommended specs for you to play this game.

DevicesRecommended Specs
AndroidAndroid 7.0 and up
At least 4GB of RAM Memory
iOSiOS 12.0 and up
At least iPhone 8 Plus and up
PCIntel Core i5 or equivalent
At least 8GB of RAM Memory
NVIDIA 1030 and up.

No recommended specs for AMD, but you got the idea
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