Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric Wipes: Cleaning Gaming Chair made easy

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Gaming chairs are necessary part of the gaming experience. They provide comfort and support that make playing video games for hours on end much more enjoyable. However, they can be difficult to keep clean especially with the Fabric upholstery where dirt and stain is more difficult to remove. You have to be extra careful when eating or drinking around the furniture. Well, that’s where Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric Wipes come in! These wipes are specially formulated to clean gaming chairs quickly and easy, without leaving any residue behind. So if you’re looking for a fast, easy way to keep your gaming chair clean and free of dirt, dust, and stains, then be sure to check out our review for the Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric Wipes!

In the Philippines, this wipe is priced at PHP 1,190 per pack and contains 20 wipes.


Welcome to the world of Secretlab, where everything is designed with precision and sophistication. Just like its packaging that is simple but yet elegant in a matte white with blacked prints; it comes in a resealable plastic bag similar to baby wipes packaging you find in the market, but this one is specifically for gaming chairs.

The resealable plastic packaging on these wipes allows you to grab one easily and close the seal – keeping unused wipes fresh so they’re ready for your next cleaning session.

At the back of the package, you’ll find a detailed description of the fabric wipes as well as instructions on how to use them.

The Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric Wipes

The fabric wipes itself is a moistened water-based towelettes made specifically with a formulated fabric that are ideal use for their Secretlab SoftWeave Plus/non-plus gaming chairs and it is safe for skin.

It is designed to clean the fabric without leaving any scratches and effective for removing dirt and stains. It also has anti-static agents to reduce the buildup of static electricity during dry winter seasons. Additionally, the product is anti-fungal, ensuring your chair won’t develop mold when not in use for long periods of time.

Cleaning Test

We put the wipes to the test by seeing how well they can clean up two different types of dirt. We were actually hesitant to put dirt on our gaming chair, so we chose to use areas of the chair that aren’t visible in case it didn’t work. While for the stain test, we will be using a soy sauce and a ketchup. By doing this test, we were able to see if the wipes did their job well.

Dirt Test

We’ve tested the Softweave fabric with dirt and as usual, it does a great job of repelling dirt and can easily be wiped off using the fabric wipe.

Stain Test

For the stain test, we placed a small amount of soy sauce and a ketchup in the area, and surprisingly – the wipe effectively remove the stains without any discoloration. We have also tried the discoloration on the edge part of the seat pad where it usually made skin contact – it also get rid the discoloration.

The Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric Wipes wipes work well to remove dirt and stains from our gaming chair. The soap like solution creates white bubbles when in contact with the fabric, which is an indication that it is doing a thorough job of cleaning.

However, what we don’t like with the Fabric Wipes is that a single wipe won’t clean the entire chair and can only do one spot per wipes. If using this for thorough cleaning, it would take the 5 to 10 wipes. This is also the reason why they have another option – one that is designed for cleaning an entire gaming chair.

Final Thought

The Secretlab SoftWeave Fabric wipes are made specifically for the Secretlab’s fabric gaming chair and it effectively remove the dirt, stains and any discoloration. They’re also scratch-resistant, so you don’t have to worry about damaging the delicate fabric on your gaming chair.

However, if your purpose is for cleaning the entire chair, they have other options for that purpose. This one is a quick solution for spot-cleaning visible dirt/stain and in the areas that tend to get dirty quickly.

Not only will it keep your chair looking new, but it will also help maintain its quality and prolong its lifespan. We highly recommended this wipe for Secretlab Fabric gaming chair owner; it is for peace of mind, knowing that it will clean any dirty stains and won’t damage the chair’s fabric.

Where to buy Secretlab Fabric Wipes

You can buy Secretlab Fabric Wipes at Shopee and Lazada. And as of writing, they have up to 26% off on most of their gaming chair for the 7.7 sale. Plus they are giving away the Secretlab Upholstery Wipes for every chair purchase, so be sure to check our their online page:

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