Metal Slug: Code J, Pre-registration for Alpha Testing started in the Philippines

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The Metal Slug franchise is one of the most popular video games of all time. The game is intense, action packed and strategic, mesmerizing the arcade game – all while delivering classic pixelated graphics that gamers love. You have probably been waiting for the upcoming remake of the game, the one from Tencent for mobile that has been a long due. Well, now, there are some good news, a game publisher from Vietnam, VNG Games is the one bringing the game to Southeast Asia region – but first in the Philippines.

Pre-registration for the alpha-testing of Metal Slug: Code J has begun, with the Philippines being the first country to try it out. Those who are interested to try the game can visit their official website at

There will be also rewards for the lucky 3 alpha tester ranging: 1 winner for 10,000 PHP, 10 winners for 1,000 PHP and 500 PHP.

Metal Slug: Code J is a mobile game that brings you the classic Metal Slug experience. In this new game, you’ll relive the original missions in Metal Slug with the “Arcade Mode”. In this game mode, Follow the original story as it progresses in a series of events that will eventually lead unto the latest chapter of our main characters, Marco and Tarma. You’ll have access to all of your favorite weapons, vehicles and characters from this beloved franchise as well as new ones! The game is also online, which means you can play with other player, however, we do not have the information how the online works – so watch out for our new update regarding its gameplay.

Are you ready for the challenge the arcade mode presents? Pre-register now and see you soon on the battlefield! You can check the unofficial FB group of the game at

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