Metal Slug: Code J Pre-download is now Available for Alpha Test in the Philippines

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Heavy Machinegun! The highly anticipated upcoming Metal Slug: Code J mobile game is now available for pre-download for its Alpha Test for Philippines. Fans of the Metal Slug series can finally get their hands one step ahead on the newest installment of the game.

This early access to the game allows players to help test and provide feedback on Metal Slug: Code J before its final release. Players who pre-download the game will have a bigger chance of getting into the first 2,000 players that will be allowed to participate in the alpha test. The server will be up starting July 21 and the alpha test will end on July 26.

The Metal Slug: Code J is a remake of the original side scrolling shooter arcade game where the player has to run and gun their way through hordes of enemies. The new one will features an overhaul graphics into 3D and current game-engine technology as well as features an online multiplayer game.

The gameplay is fast paced and intense, and will definitely keep fans of the genre hooked. So if you’re a fan of Metal Slug, or just looking for a fun and addicting mobile game to play, be sure to check out Metal Slug: Code J.

Those who are interested to try the alpha test, can pre-download the game at:

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