How to Craft Unique Weapon in Flyff Universe

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If you’re tired of Boss Hunting and always getting Unique Seafood Salad, why not try your luck in crafting items? You can convert a Normal Weapon (level 60 requirement to wield or higher) to a Unique Weapon using 1 Jewel that corresponds to the level required to wield the weapon and 1 Shining Power Dice.

Crafting is a term used to describe the in-game process of creating an Unique Weapon from rare materials. In order to craft a Unique Weapon, players must first visit the (Jewel Manager) Peach NPC at Boboko, Boboku and Ludain in Central Flarine. Only rare materials found in the game can be used to create these powerful weapons.

Please note: that the chances of crafting succeeding are reportedly very low, and whether the crafting fails or succeeds, all of the items used in the process will be lost.

Here are the steps to create your materials.

For creating the Shining Power Dice, you need the following items:

Shining Power DiceRequired Materials

Shining power dice 4
5x power dice 4 and 5x power dice 8

Shining power dice 6
5x power dice 6 and 5x power dice 8

For creating the Jewel, you will need the following normal weapon levels and the type of unique weapons.

Jewel Normal WeaponUnique Weapon

level 61 – 70 Normal Weapon Guardian Weapons (Lv.60)

level 71 – 85 Normal Weapon Historic Weapons (L.75)

level 86 – 100 Normal Weapon Angel Weapons (Lv.90)

level 101 – 120 Normal Weapon Legendary Golden Weapons (Lv.105)

Once you have all of the necessary materials needed, talk to the NPC (Jewel Manager) Peach and select the “Create Unique Weapon.”

And if you are lucky enough you will have the unique weapon you desire.

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