How to Change Character in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC3 Guide)

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During the initial phase of the game where you will be playing the first 3 character Noah, Eunie and Lanz. You probably wondering if changing character to other character beside Noah is possible. Well, for the first two chapters, it is not possible to change character. You can only change character when you already reach Chapter 3 where you’ll meet and able to play the other 3 main characters in the game.

So, if you’ve reached this chapter and forgotten how to change your player character—or maybe you’re just not a fan of scrolling through the tips in-game—here’s a quick rundown on how to do it.

Changing Player Character

To change the main playable character, you need to hold the ZL button, then your character should have a labels on both left and right. To select your character, just press L or R to scroll between the available character in your party.

Once the character has been selected, you can automatically use it. For those who didn’t know what is ZL button, it is the L2 button equivalent on PlayStation.

Works both in Battle and Exploration

Changing of players character will work for both the exploration and during the battle. For the battle, it will only unlock after you’ve hit the enemies. However, there are certain mission that doing this is not possible like the character are locked for its story.

That’s it guys! Hope this helps you with our mini guide.

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