Ghost Watchers is a co-op online horror game where you will hunt ghosts in an abandoned house

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When it comes to horror games, there are few that can match the sheer suspense and fear that is generated by Ghost Watchers. This co-op online game puts you and your friends in the shoes of ghost hunters, tasked with exploring abandoned houses in search of these haunting spirits.

You will play as a member of a ghost-hunting team. Your job is to explore abandoned houses and catch ghosts. But be careful – these ghosts are not your average friendly spirits. They’re souls of people and strange creatures, as well as demons! Fortunately, you’re not alone in this hunt. You have tools at your disposal to help you collect evidence and fight ghosts. You can also use these tools to determine the type of ghost, its age, and mood.

The game is co-op, so players will have to work together to catch the ghosts. The game will be available this month which will features 7 types of unique ghosts, as well as 20 types of detailed tools for collecting evidence and fighting ghosts, as well 3 locations. Ghost Watchers is a new and innovative way to experience horror.

So what are you waiting for? Turn off the lights, put on your headphones, and get ready to be scared!

For those who are interested, you can add the game on your wish list on Steam at The game will be available on July 28 .

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