Even after their first tournament loss, Minana Esports’ boss gave each player a brand-new iPhone 13

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In today’s world, winning isn’t everything. In the case of Minana Esports, even a loss can be rewarding – as they recently found out when their big boss named “Banoobs” gifted them each one of them a brand new iPhone 13 Pro Max. As their boss posted on FB, “Ohhh dahil nakapalag kayo… eto reward nyo Minana Esports. Iphone 13 Pro Max Fully Paid. Kahit 0-2 happy padin dapat ang mga bois” (Ohhh because you fought tough and never gave up. Here is iPhone 13 Pro Max Fully Paid. Even when they were 0-2, our boys should be happy.)

Minana Esports has just completed their first ever official tournament at the IESF WEC Sibol Qualifiers, the event was huge for the young organization, as it marked their first real test in the competitive scene as Minana Esports. Despite their loss in the fight against the MLBB M3 World Champion Blacklist International, the squad played extremely well throughout the tournament, and they proved that they are a team to be reckoned with.

During our recent interview with their big boss, Minana Esports CEO and founder “Banoobs” Julius Mariano said about the discomfort his pro-players experienced when playing on their existing phones during their practice sessions and the recent tournaments. Aware of the problem and wanting to help, the decision was made to provide them with new phones.

During the match, the team had to remove their shirts because their phones were getting too hot, one of their players Pedro even shaking and blowing his hands just to cooldown. The next day, I bought them a new phone so they can play better.” said Banoobs. “So it makes sense for me to give them phones that are more comfortable and powerful than ever before.”

The team, previously disbanded in June 2022, has been given a new chance to compete again by their new management, the Minana Esports owned by Banoobs, who were only formed this month (July of 2022). Banoobs, no stranger to the esports world, has been involved in competitive gaming for years and knows what it takes to build a successful team. When asked why he decided to give the team a second chance, Banoobs said: “I believe in these guys. They have the skills and the drive to win. I want to give them the opportunity to show the world what they can do.” The team has already begun practicing under their existing coach, Joshua Alfaro, who is also a highly experienced coach who has worked with some of the best teams in eSports.

The Minana Esports team is made up of their head coach Julius Mariano “Banoobs”, assistant head coach Joshua Alfaro, Jonel Layog (Analyst) “OniDR”, and five pro-players: Christian Martinez (Captain, Mage) “GoyongDR”, Bien Chumecera (Jungler) “BoyetDR”, Danver Canja (EXP Lane) “DingDR”, Borris James Parro (Roamer) “BruskoDR”, and Dominic Delmundo (Gold Lane) “PedroDR”.

The team is grateful to Banoobs for the generous gift, and they will be sure to put it to good use. With this kind of support from their boss, there’s no telling how far they’ll go. Here’s a video of them unboxing the gift.

It’s not surprising that Minana came out swinging despite the odds against them; after all, they’re one of the most up-and-coming esports teams in the scene today. Minana Esports will be back in the next upcoming tournament. Those who are interested with the team progress, you can check their official Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/MinanaEsports.

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