Project M is a Korean Cinematic Video game by NCSoft

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Want to experience Korean action novella into the next level – a video game? South Korean game developer NCSoft has just released a brand new game trailer of their upcoming video game titled Project M. The trailer, made with the latest Unreal Engine 5, is an incredible visual stunning masterpiece that will take your breath away. With its cutting-edge graphics and heart-pounding action, Project M is sure to be one of the most anticipated games for this year.

Project M is an immersive and exciting experience that will follow the story of a man who is seeking revenge after his girlfriend’s death. The trailer will introduce the girlfriend who received a box-like relic where it explodes and kills the girlfriend. Those in the area gets hospitalized some kind infected with natural power.

Upon waking up on the hospital, a hit-man enters in his room and tries to eliminate him. The protagonist then realizes he has natural powers and starts to use them to his advantage. The trailer also show the behind-the-scenes of the motion capture and set somewhere in South Korea.

The game will be an interactive cinematic movie where players can play choices and adventure action similar to Quantic Dream games such as Detroit: Become Human and many more. Well, there is no much information yet and expectation for this game are overwhelming. However, from the little information that has been released, the game seems very promising and we are expecting to have a Korean novella quality story.

There are no exact details yet on which platforms “Project M” will be available, but based on the trailer it shows a button for PlayStation, it is safe to say that it will be available for the PlayStation console, most likely the PS5.

NCSoft is a leading game developer known for popular games such as the Lineage series and Guild Wars. With a strong background in game development, NCSoft is a trusted name in the gaming industry. Below is the game trailer. Enjoy!

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