Palworld reveals new game trailer during Future Games Show

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Palworld is an upcoming open-world survival multiplayer game where you can catch monsters using guns from developer Pocketpair. The new game trailer was revealed during the Future Games Show that introduces more action where the monster can wield guns along with its taming master. The trailer also gives a glimpse of the different guns that you can use and the mountable monsters.

The game will feature many different systems. You can ride around on your creatures and explore an open-world. There will be harsh weather conditions and monsters you can battle using weapons you craft. You’ll be able to build structures like a pyramid spaceship or even a garden. Not only that, but you can farm for food and grow plants for your friends (called Pals). There is also an option to automate actions such as producing guns and ammo. If you’re feeling brave, go into dungeons with your Pals where you’ll face off against more dangerous monsters. Breeding your Pals gives them new abilities and characteristics!

Palworld will be available on PC and you can now add it to your wish list to your Steam account at

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