LUTO: A Horror Game Where You Need to Find a Way Out of Your Own House to Survive

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One of the horror games unveiled at the Future Games Show is an immersive first-person game titled LUTO, which means “cooked” in Tagalog and “mourning” in Spanish. Luto is a psychological horror game where you play a man who can’t leave his house.

You can watch the official game trailer below.

The trailer of the game shows a picture of a man and his child, where the photo of the child is washed out. It then shows an antagonist covered with white cloth like a bedsheet ghost from movie films. What makes this game special is that it perfectly created realistic cloth physics and something that is rarely seen in video games.

There are no other game details yet they revealed on their official steam page the game will features a dynamic narrative environment, environmental and sensory horror, depiction of anxiety and depression through mourning and exploration of different photos. And it is rated for mature audience only.

They didn’t specify which game engine they used, but the quality of their work suggests they’re using the Unreal Engine 5.

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