Where to find missing NPC Lacourt in Ys 6 Mobile

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In Ys 6 Mobile VNG, most of the tasks are done automatically, but there are some side quests that are a bit tricky that you need to complete it by going to a certain location and talk to the missing NPC. One of this is the side quest “Lacourt’s Missing” where NPC Marv is very worried about the disappearance of Lacourt and the last area he was seen is at the Rehda’s Village.

Once you have selected the quest, you are pointed into the map of Rehda’s Village. From here, you will automatically path find you near to its location. However, the path find will only stop you at the center and you need to find him manually.

To find Lacourt, he is just located at the lower right corner before the wooden bridge. The coordinate is (134, 8).

Talk to him and the task should be completed itself.

That’s it, for more guide and tips like this checkout our Ys 6 Mobile guide.

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