This Verbatim SSD is immune to RansomWare, but the Catch? You can only write to it Once

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A new portable SSD from Verbatim doesn’t allow user to delete its data or overwrite it, making the SSD a write-once drive. Perfect for archiving data or protecting it from RansomWare. It is everything you need to keep important data. The SSD is called the Verbatin SWOVA128G and available on 128GB of storage via USB 3.2 Gen1 interface for high data transfer. It also comes with a 10-year device guarantee and will be available in Japan.

Writing data to it requires you to install its dedicated software, without it you can only read data from it. You can add new files as long as there is enough storage but deletion or even renaming its content is not allowed. This is similar to SD card that has write-protect switch on it or the writable CD-ROM era.

For device OS, it only work for Windows 10 and Windows 11 and must have .NET 4.8 installed. However, the read feature will work on any device as long as it has exFat file support which is common for every desktop. The data speed is Read: 540MB/s and Write 180MB/s.

So what’s the point of creating this SSD? This Verbatim SSD is perfect for anyone who wants a long-term storage solution that is safe from ransomwares or accidental deletion, the only way to delete the data is to destroy it physically. The 10-year device guarantee makes it a great choice for archiving data.

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