List of All Chest Locations in Ni no Kuni Cross Worlds

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Collectibles is one of the many activity that you can do in the MMORPG Ni no Kuni: Cross Worlds and it quite is challenging as you will be manually finding these collectibles without the “auto follow” system. One of this collectibles is finding the chest and each maps has up to 3 different high-tier chest from bronze, silver and gold.


  1. Southern Heartlands
  2. Eastern Heartlands
  3. Golden Grove
  4. Serene Forest
  5. Allegra Plateau
  6. Cloudcoil Canyon
  7. Winter Wonderland
  8. Glittering Grotto
  9. Burning Desert
  10. Witch’s Woods
  11. Woebegone Wilds
  12. Rainbow Valley

There are also common treasure chest that you can find in the map that usually respawn after given time, but these 3 high-tier chest won’t respawn and can only be obtained once per each players. Each of the treasure chest also includes item rewards as well as stats that you can use to boost your Character Points “CP”. However, there are chest that requires higher level for you to get it.

Below we have listed all of the location where you can find these chest.

Southern Heartlands

Farm Backstreet Chest (1/36) – There’s something out behind the farmhouses. Near the empty field, there is a farmhouse at the top of the stones. Just go to the grass and below, you’ll find the chest. Rewards: Water 222 CP

Great Uncle Autumn’s Watchful Chest (2/36) – Search around Great Uncle Autumn. There is an empty space on the left corner of Great Uncle tree where the chest is located. Rewards: 222 CP

Uphill Clearing Chest (3/36) – Proceed up the hill through the thickest grass. In front of the Great Uncle tree, there is an orange tree and another hill. Atop this hill, you will find the chest. Rewards: 366 CP

Eastern Heartlands (Lv. 10)

Sulfur Mine Chest (4/36)– Follow the road through the Sulfur Mine. At the Sulfur mining site, you’ll find a chest in an uphill in the middle of the site. Rewards: 243 CP

Waterlogged Chest (5/36) – In order to find the chest underwater, you’ll need to go to the silent forest and examine the tree roots. Look for a narrow road that leads to a cave and you should be able to find it. Rewards: 243 CP

Ruin Wreckage Chest (6/36) – Examine the ruins carefully. At the Eastern Ruin Plains, go down the hill to the beach and you will find a chest at the corner of the hill. Rewards: 270 CP

Golden Grove (Lv. 20)

Tree Vine Chest (7/36)– Look at the narrow space between the tree vines; At the Strange Field, you’ll find a big tree root at the left corner. The chest is on top of it. Rewards: 278 CP

Chest on Boulders (8/36)– On top of the large rock at the waterside, you will find a chest. Go to the fairy village, there is a waterfall at the right corner. The chest is located on top of the rocks on its side. Rewards: 276 CP

Stone Steps Chest (9/36)– Climb the rocks that are stacked like stairs to reach the Fairyground. Find a sakura tree on the left corner, and you’ll find an empty space where two rocks are stacked. The chest is at the top of this stack of rocks. Rewards: 293 CP

Serene Forest (Lv. 30)

Treeroot Chest (10/36)– What could be on the other side of the tree roots? At the heart of the forest, there is a discrete location where the chest is hidden. You need to find a small path which leads you to the top. When reaching the peak, go to the bottom left corner and you’ll find the chest at the bottom. You can find this by looking at the map stiff path. Rewards: 290 CP

Chest by the Water (11/36)– Look carefully at the waterside. Head to the left stone pillar at the Boar Tribe camp waterside and you will find an uphill with a chest. Rewards: 290 CP

Chest on a Mushroom (12/36) – You can jump on top of the mushrooms. This is the most tricky part, you can access the chest by jumping on top of the mushrooms at the Big Mushroom Swamp. To reach it, go to the right side where there is a path by going on the rocks. From there, jump to the mushrooms and after that jump to the 2nd rock on its right side (make sure it is the most right side – if not you will fall), then jump to the rock where the chest is. Rewards: 340 CP

Allegra Plateau (Lv.40)

Chest Hidden Between Trees (13/36)– See the space between the trees. At the Geyser Area, if you head to the left side corner, you will see a path flanked by trees on both sides. If you continue down this path, you will find a chest. Rewards: 316 CP

Chest Hidden Below (14/36) – There’s a place you can jump down to. Upon reaching the stairs, you will find a chest on the rock to the left of the jump-like mechanism. Rewards: 311 CP

Chest on Rocks (15/36)– Look on top of the rock. At the Plateau entrance, on the right corner of the map – the one with the tent on the uphill – there is a chest on the 2nd hill before the horizontal two wooden pointing ramp. Rewards: 340 CP

Cloudcoil Canyon (Lv. 45)

Thorny Vine Chest (16/36) – There’s something beyond the thorny vines. As you enter the Old Base Ruins, you will find a chest to the left up the hill. You can reach it by crossing the narrow bone-bridge. Rewards: 330 CP

Chest on Wooden Plank (17/36)– Carefully cross over the wooden plank. Reach the Thorny cliff, then take a right and jump across the bones to reach the separate mountain. This can be tricky, so you may need to try it a few times before you are successful. Rewards: 354 CP

Ravine Bone Chest (18/36) – Will it be possible to cross the bones at the Ravine? Just beyond the entrance to Stone Pillar Ravine, you’ll need to jump over three branching bones in order to head uphill. Be sure to direct your momentum forward before making the leap. Rewards: 385 CP

Winter Wonderland (Lv.55)

Tree Vine Bridge Chest (19/36) – Go to the Elder’s Resting Place at the most top left corner of the map, you’ll find a bone bridge on the edge, cross the bridge and you’ll get the chest. Rewards: 362 CP

Snow-covered Cliff Chest (20/36) – Look around the top of the snow-covered cliff. After you leave Glacia Village, go to the bridge on the left side of the entrance to Flurry Basin. You’ll see another bridge made of stones floating in the air leading to a cliff. Jump from stone to stone to reach the treasure chest. Rewards: 382 CP

Across the Bridge Chest (21/36) – Cross the bridge across the waterside. At Yule, the river flows at its most corner. You need to jump the five stones to reach the other cliff. Rewards: 421 CP

Glittering Grotto (Lv.60)

Chest Below Wooden Bridge (22/36) – At the Coffinpicker Fortress, go to the edge of the cliff and jump below to return to the Frozen Pool area. The chest is on the second jump. Rewards: 362 CP

Unstable Wooden Bridge Chest (23/36) – Look around the collapsing wooden bridge. As you approach the Plunderer’s Hill, take note of the collapsed wooden bridge on your right. Just beyond this bridge is where you’ll find the first of two chests – one common and one is the most important chest. Rewards: 353 CP

Waterfall Chest (24/36) – What could be under the waterfall? At the Frozen Estuary, on the left side corner, there are small cliff stones that you can jump to reach the end for the chest. Rewards: 520 CP

Burning Desert (Lv.70)

Collapsed Ruin Chest (25/36) – There’s also something between the collapsed ruins. At the Mysterious Desert Ruins, you will find a pillar bridge. On top of that bridge is a chest. You need a mount to jump across the broken bridge as it is too far for a normal jump. Rewards: 401 CP

Ruin Pillar Chest (26/36) – Look on top of the ruins’ pillar. This one is just next to the first one. You can use the fallen pillar as a makeshift ladder to reach the top and you’ll find the chest. Rewards: 454 CP

Cheese Rock Chest (27/36) – Jump on top of the Cheese Rock. There is a chest hidden near the ponds on the right corner. To reach the chest, you need to jump over the broken bridge at the entrance. Rewards: 544 CP

Witch’s Woods (Lv.75)

Chest by a Boulder (28/36) – Examine the tree around the rock. At the far end of the Southern Crescent Plain, there is a large tree that you can climb to reach the chest. Rewards: 403 CP

Chest Below Boulder (29/36) – There’s something hidden under the rock. At the Southern Crescent Plain, near the entrance on the left, there is a tree with a chest sitting on it. Walk through the narrow passage on the tree to reach the chest. Rewards: 406 CP

Chest on a Tree (30/36) – Look on top of the tree. At the Strange Swamp, near the waterfalls, there is a tree on the left corner. The chest is located at the bottom of the tree. To reach the chest, you need to find the spot where you can walk successfully. It may be a little tricky to find. Rewards: 563 CP

Woebegone Wilds (Lv.80)

Chest in a Shrine (31/36) Could there be treasure inside the shrine? At the Shrine of Fires, the chest is located at the back. Rewards: 439 CP

Statue Protecting Chest (32/36) – Look on top of the statue. At the left corner of Waterfall of Honor, Shirine of Waters, you will find a cliff mountain that overlooks the statue. The chest is on that cliff. Rewards: 475 CP

Chest inside a Waterfall (33/36) – Enter between the waterfalls. At the Shrine of Waters, find a waterfalls on the right side corner, you need to use your mount to jump the stones going inside the waterfalls. The chest is inside. Rewards: 574 CP

Rainbow Valley (Lv.85)

Broken Shrine Chest (34/36) – Search through the rubble of the ruined shrine. At the bridge of no returns, you’ll find the chest seating on the pipelines at the right corner. Rewards: 442 CP

Rainbow Ore Chest (35/36) – Jump on top of the rainbow ore. If you go to the Long Stride Quarry and take the first quarry on the right, you’ll find a chest on the wooden floating ramp and stairs. Rewards: 443 CP

Rainbow mine Chest (36/36) – Search the bottom of the rainbow mine. Head to the port near the teleport entrance. You’ll find a boat and a ramp at a watchtower there. The chest you’re looking for is nearby. Rewards: 602 CP

If you didn’t get all of the details or still cannot figure it out. Here is the walkthrough video guide:

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